A year later, AirPods Max owners give expensive headphones a rare review

The AirPods Max debuted a year ago, and an analysis of user reviews of the in-ear headphones has found that buyers like them less than the average for competing products. The main problem: the price.

For comparison, the same research shows that those who buy basic Apple AirPods are much more satisfied. And user reviews of other Apple products are generally quite positive.

AirPods Max cost too much

Revuze used AI to analyze more than 12,000 wireless headphone consumer reviews that were posted on Amazon US and Amazon UK throughout the third quarter of 2021. Opinions on AirPods Max were benchmarked against those of AirPods Max. ‘other on-ear headphones, as long as they cost over $ 75.

And Apple’s product didn’t perform that well. “The AirPods Max had a sentiment score of 57% and an average rating of 3.92 stars,” noted a report from Revuze. The overall product average was 59%.

The AirPods Max cost $ 549, and that was its main problem. In received a 38% approval score in the Price and Value for Money category. The category average was 55%.

Buyers also didn’t think Apple’s in-ear headphones were particularly comfortable.

Revuze’s analysis shows that AirPods Max receive below average reviews.
Graphics: Revuze

But buyers usually rave about Apple

The AirPods Max are a remarkable product for Apple. But not in a good way.

“Revuze data confirms that Apple products generally perform quite well among consumers, having the highest volume of opinions published online and the highest customer sentiment in their respective categories,” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze . Mac Cult. “For example, the new 13.3” MacBook Air with the M1 chip ranks first in the notebook category, and the 4th generation 10.9-inch iPad Air currently ranks first in the notebook category. tablets. “

The company also performed the same analysis on published reviews for the basic in-ear AirPods and found that these outperformed the comparable product average. “Apple’s entry-level AirPods product remains the proven favorite, with a 64% consumer sentiment score (vs. 57% average for the wireless headphone category),” the analysis firm noted. . “Audio quality was the main strength of the entry-level AirPods, with an 81% consumer sentiment score (vs. 72% category average).”

Room for upgrading AirPods Max

“It’s off-brand and surprising how badly the AirPods Max product has been received in the year since its release,” Boaz said. “It will be interesting to see if Apple improves the product based on negative consumer feedback, or if they choose to focus on their top performing entry-level AirPods.”

Currently, there is no indication that the AirPods Max will be replaced with a new version anytime soon. So, those who are considering taking the current version might want to wonder if they are more satisfied with any of Apple’s in-ear versions.

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