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Based in Florida, BlackBrook Case manufactures a range of high quality leather goods, including iPhone, AirPods, iPad and AirTag cases, as well as Apple Watch bands. One of BlackBrook’s latest products is a case solution for AirPods Max, which works both with and without Apple’s own Smart Case and seeks to address some of the criticism that has been leveled against the protection of the over-ear headphones. -Apple little fingers.

BlackBrook offers three different cases for ‌AirPods Max‌. This review takes a look at two of BlackBrook’s ‌AirPods Max‌ cases, the “Danny” case and the “Tommy” case. The Danny holster is slightly more compact with flat sides and a back pocket, while the Tommy holster is slightly larger, has bevelled edges and no back pocket. Overall, the designs are very similar and there is no real reason to choose one over the other beyond the aesthetic.

The other “Hannah” case is not specifically designed for ‌AirPods Max‌, but rather works with any headset, both as a storage pouch and as a desk stand.

Blackbrook Airpods Max Case Comparison
My Danny case is in “Golden Brown” and my Tommy case is in “Burnished Tan”, but both cases are also available in “Pebble Black”, “Dark Chocolate” and “Distressed Antique Coffee”. Each case has a high quality textured finish with rich colors that make the most of the choice of materials.

blackbrook airpods max case finishes
The exterior leather of the cases is sturdy and supported by a hard shell on the inside for added protection. The Tommy holster is spongier on the outside than the Danny holster, possibly due to extra padding, but both are very durable. I am convinced that the design and rugged exterior protect my l’extérieurAirPods Max‌ well.

At the top there is a useful carrying handle which makes walking a lot easier with the ‌AirPods Max‌ stowed away. It can also be used to hang or tie the ‌AirPods Max‌ elsewhere if needed.

blackbrook airpods max case grips
The Danny holster features a mid-sized zippered pocket on the back. Unfortunately, the leather is so tight on the rigid interior that it is virtually impossible to use it for anything practical.

It might be possible to slip something as thin as a credit card or receipt inside, but I’d be afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it back because I can barely put my fingers inside. BlackBrook says the pocket is a feature of the holster, but I really think it’s more decorative.

blackbrook airpods max case back pocket
There is no pass-through area to charge the earbuds with a Lightning cable while they are zipped inside the case, but users can simply use the two zippers to close on either side of a cable charge instead if necessary.

The zippers are a copper color to complement the hues of the cases. The zippers themselves are sturdy and don’t snag too much, but they’re not as smooth as I think they could be.

blackbrook airpods max case both empty
When opened, the Tommy holster design allows the clamshell design to fully open, while the Danny holster stops at around 135 degrees. While not particularly important, I prefer opening the Tommy case more fully as it reduces the chances of my ‌AirPods Max‌ getting scratched on the zipper.

The interior of the cases is made of a soft microfiber material to prevent scratching or scuffing your headphones. Despite slightly different designs, the internal space of the two cases is effectively the same.

blackbrook airpods max protection headband case
Unlike Apple’s smart case, BlackBrook cases cover the entire AirPods Max‌ for much better overall protection. The design is space-saving and as compact as you would need it to be. The angular profile of the case closely follows the shape of the helmet it protects, while giving it a distinctive shape and character.

blackbrook airpods max case inside pocket
Inside there is a generously sized elasticated pocket to store a cable or power adapter. Unlike the back pocket of the Danny holster, this pocket is very easy to access and more than large enough to store a few accessories. The inside pocket of the Tommy holster is slightly smaller due to its shape.

Blackbrook airpods max magnetic butterfly case
The BlackBrook ‌AirPods Max‌ cases contain a pair of magnets, arranged in a “butterfly” pattern, with a magnet inside each of the two leather flaps sewn into the middle of the case. This allows you to either put them together to place them between each earbud, or lay them flat when you want to keep the ‌AirPods Max‌ in their Apple Smart Case.

Blackbrook airpods max butterfly magnet case in use
Much like Apple’s smart case, the Magnetic Butterfly can put the earbuds into their ultra-low power mode to conserve battery life when placed in the middle of the earbuds.

When assembled, it is almost effortless to align the butterfly between the ear cups. Using the case in this training avoids the use of Apple’s smart case entirely.

blackbrook airpods max case smart case inside
If you want to store your ‌AirPods Max‌ in the Apple Smart Case, but also want extra protection, BlackBrook’s case design makes it possible. You simply unzip the magnetic butterfly to lay it flat, and the ‌AirPods Max‌ integrate perfectly with the Smart Case.

My only criticism of this system for regular use is that the butterfly seems to prefer being nested rather than lying flat. Therefore, when you put the “AirPods Max” in their smart case in the BlackBrook case, you may need to smooth them out again. Even so, the throttle performs well and adds versatility to the case.

Final result

Overall, BlackBrook’s ‌AirPods Max‌ cases are both good alternatives and additions to Apple’s smart case. There is no doubt that BlackBrook cases protect betterAirPods Max‌ much better than Apple’s smart case alone, providing adequate all-round protection.

Inside, I liked the soft-touch material, the versatile butterfly magnet system to put the headphones in ultra-low power mode, and the large pocket.

I feel like the case was built to last and will age well, but it seems a bit overpriced to me at $ 149. It’s a high quality, well-designed product, but not so luxurious that I think I personally would be comfortable paying this price. The only other small issue for me was the virtually inaccessible pocket on the back of the Danny holster.

Whether the case is used for everyday use as an alternative to the smart case, or occasionally for peace of mind while traveling, the AirPods Max‌ BlackBrook cases present functional and premium options for any potential buyer.

How to buy

The BlackBrook “Danny” and “Tommy” ‌AirPods Max‌ cases can be purchased from the BlackBrook Case website for $ 149, and they are available in “Golden Brown”, “Burnished Tan”, “Pebble Black”, “Dark Chocolate” and “Antique Cafe in Distress.”

BlackBrook also currently offers a free AirTag Keychain Case with any PoAirPods Max‌ case order.

Note: BlackBrook provided MacRumors with “AirPods Max” cases for this review. No other compensation was received.

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