An alleged Scottish thug said the blade was meant to cut apples and pears, not cut cops

A man accused of repeatedly attempting to stab police denied using it to attack cops, saying he only used it to eat fruit.

Edward Crossan, 45, said he used the blade to cut apples and pears into pieces so he could chew them because he doesn’t have many teeth.

Crossan is currently on trial, charged with attempting to stab police officers Ronnie Watson and Hannah Cruickshank.

Officers claim Crossan attempted to attack them with the blade when they entered his home in Renfrew, near Glasgow, on September 29 of last year.

But Crossan, who is unemployed, said yesterday he cleaned up because he knew they were entering his property.

And he said he was carrying the blade to the kitchen when they came in, but he threw the knife away when they asked him to.

He said during his trial at Paisley Sheriff Court: “I had the big knife on the coffee table in my living room.

“I used it to cut fruit – my apples and my pears.”

Defense attorney Mark Chambers then asked, “You can’t bite into an apple, so you chop it up so you can eat it?”
Crossan replied, “Yeah. I don’t have any side teeth.”

Crossan was then invited to show the jury, who appears via video link from a movie theater, his teeth, which prompted him to open his mouth to expose only a few teeth.

He added: “I went to walk from the living room to the kitchen, to get the knife in the kitchen.

“That’s when I heard, ‘Knife! Knife!’. I heard, ‘Drop the knife!’, So I threw the knife away.

“I threw it over my head as the police asked me to drop it.

“Once I threw it away, I put my hands up. Everyone was panicking.”

He denies assaulting the couple at their home by brandishing a knife at them, repeatedly attempting to hit them with the knife and wrestling with them.

PC Cruickshank, 28, has denied claims by Mr Chambers that Crossan threw the knife before she and PC Watson got into a fight with him.

She said: “I looked up and got to see the knife myself, so I’m not mistaken, no.

“I just remember hearing the knife drop [during the struggle]. “

The court heard a recording of PC Cruickshank calling for help over the radio, and she did not mention that Crossan had a knife.

And when Mr. Chambers asked her if it was because “the truth of the question” was that he had thrown it away, she replied, “It is not the truth of the question. Absolutely not.”

Crossan claims his innocence and the trial, before Sheriff Bruce Erroch QC, continues.

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