Apple offers seven types of iPhones: how to choose the right one for you

“Which iPhone should I buy?”

I’ve been asking this question all week, and I’ve got a few answers to help you out: Apple currently has an entry price of SE $ 399 to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s top $ 1099. We offer seven.

In between, there are two older models: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini and iPhone 11 and 2018 iPhone XR.

The Mini ($ 699) and Max are new products launching Friday, with a week of presale and Max revamped online before December 7.

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What is the difference between phones? In a word:


The SE and the Mini are both compact iPhones. This is the method that Apple made before Apple started to develop on the iPhone 6. The SE display measures 4.7 inches compared to the 5.4 inches of the Mini. But both are the same size. This is because the Mini does away with the bezel and shows more screens with a smaller body.


The Max is touted as the state-of-the-art iPhone, with large pixels for performance in the dark. However, during continuous testing of the 12 Pro and Max, it was difficult to find a big difference. What makes Max better than all other iPhone cameras is the zoom lens. Thanks to the 65mm focal length, this is a narrower zoom lens than the 52mm in the 12 Pro.

Screen strength

This year, Apple is using a new stronger glass that is “quadruple” harder to break on the Mini, 12, 12 Pro and Max.


Apple loves to advertise the speed of its processing chips for mobile phones. Most people will only notice if you are a die-hard gamer or an augmented reality fan. The 12 Series comes with the latest A14 chip, the SE and 11 come with last year’s A13, and the XR is back on the A12.


All 12 Series iPhones connect to what’s heralded as the new, faster 5G wireless standard. However, as consumers have already noticed, 5G today is not much faster than 4G today, if at all. However, that will change in 2021. Therefore, immediate access to 5G should not be one of the decision points.

Another determining factor is your budget. IPhones are available in a variety of price ranges.

$ 400

The iPhone SE remains Apple’s cheapest mobile phone, starting at $ 399, and is a compact, classic iPhone that reminds us of another era. You can continue to use Touch ID instead of Face ID, and there’s a home button for navigation as well. But if you have an extra $ 300, you can get more phones with the Mini. The Mini has two camera lenses, wide and ultra-wide, but only one SE. The Apple A14 processor is fast, the screen has a high resolution (2340 × 1080 vs. 1334 × 750), and most importantly, it’s new and improved glass. Consideration: How often does the screen crack?

$ 500

The XR was first introduced in 2018 as a sequel to the X, heralding Apple’s new design era of eliminating the home button. It has a 6.1-inch screen, the same size as the new 12 and 12 Pro phones, an older A12 chip, 64GB of storage, and a much higher resolution (1792 x 828) than the SE. For $ 500, economical but valid Remember that Apple abandons the old models every year when it updates its iOS mobile operating system. Therefore, you might want to buy a new one like the iPhone 11.

$ 600

The 11 was just over a year ago, with a 6.1-inch big screen, A13 chip, and the same resolution as the XR, and Apple is unlikely to expire for years on the latest iOS.

$ 700

It’s an iPhone 12 mini. But why buy last year’s tech when you get a $ 100 extra Mini? Sure, it’s a bit smaller, but with stronger glass, faster chips, and the latest cameras.

$ 800

The iPhone 12 is larger than the Mini, with a 6.1-inch screen, new hard-to-break glass, and a much higher resolution than the low-end 2532 x 1170 model.

$ 1,000

So what do you get if you get the field with your iPhone 12 Pro? Along with a faster chip and stronger glass, you get the same resolution and screen size (6.1 inches) as a 12. However, you can use three camera lenses instead. of two. Closer to the action – plus 128GB, which is more generous than the standard iPhone 12’s 64GB.

$ 1,099

The 12 Pro Max is the biggest iPhone ever and has a large 6.7-inch display, so it takes some getting used to. It’s hard to hold in one hand, but once you’ve mastered it it’s fun to carry your iPad Mini in your pocket and feel it in your hand. With the best resolution (2778 x 1284) and the best camera (I love big zooms) on the iPhone, Max is for those looking for the ultimate iPhone. But the decision about this must take into account the size of the screen (do you fancy it?) And whether it is worth increasing the zoom focal length.

And, like all iPhones, adding extra features can be quite expensive. The cost of additional storage (required for high-res photos and videos) is $ 1199 for 256 GB and $ 1399 for 512 GB. With Apple Care, a new MagSafe case, and charger, everything costs $ 1119 excluding tax.

Shopping fun!

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