Apple reveals why ALL iPhone users should STOP using Google Maps right now

APPLE EXECS explained why iPhone users should ditch Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps.

In a recent interview with CNNApple Maps Product Manager David Dorn and Design Manager Meg Frost gave three reasons they think their service is better.


Apple launched Apple Maps in 2012Credit: Getty Images – Getty

First, they said, Apple is investing heavily in Maps to improve it, having already spent billions on the app since its launch in 2012.

Second, the app is focused on user privacy, offering better data protection than its competitors like Google Maps and Waze.

And finally, according to Dorn and Frost, it’s how Maps integrates with other Apple devices and services, unlike its competition.

The couple also discussed the recent redesign of the company’s navigation app for iOS 15, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

Engineers have made major improvements to directions and navigation in new Apple maps that apply to driving, walking, and taking buses and trains.

“At a glance, drivers can understand a complex intersection faster than ever before,” said Frost.

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“And that detail helps decide in a fraction of a second which turn they’re going to take.

“So we want navigation to be both safer and visually satisfying.”

Apple also added a 3D globe and 3D landmarks to Apple Maps in iOS 15, which means places like Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty appear in richer detail.

“Before the new map, we had a two-dimensional product and we really had a flat representation of the world,” Frost said.

“So we took the opportunity to create a realistic globe that accurately represents the size of countries in 3D.”

The end result of the update, Dorn added, can help alleviate a “cognitive load” on users to allow them to focus on their travels.

Although Apple Maps has undergone significant improvements, it is still far from perfect, especially compared to its more popular competitors.

The app updates its map data less frequently than Google’s or Waze’s, which means its directions and locations may or may not be up to date.

Reports on the Apple forums suggest that Apple’s navigation tool also frequently gives inaccurate instructions and suffers from slow load times.

There is clearly still a lot of work to be done for the iPhone maker in Cupertino.

The service recently added 3D landmarks to major cities


The service recently added 3D landmarks to major citiesCredit: AP: Associated press
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