Apple Watch 8’s alleged design leak looks jaded – but it’s the interior that matters

While the Apple Watch 8 will likely not arrive until the end of next year, a new unofficial render offers a glimpse of what the next-gen smartwatch could look like. As you would expect, the rendering reveals a design quite similar to the Apple Watch 7.

Apple doesn’t take design changes lightly. In the past, we’ve seen significant appearance changes maintained for at least a few annual refreshes of the company’s flagship products. That’s why it’s no surprise that the new Apple Watch sizes 7 and larger screens appear to be continuing in an alleged Apple Watch rendering of @LeaksApplePro.

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LeaksApplePro claims that a slightly different speaker grille (a set of parallel apertures instead of just one) is the “only noticeable design change” coming with the Apple Watch 8. It’s the sort of thing which you might miss unless you have the two side by side, though.

The full rumor of the Apple Watch 8 from the leaker on iDropNews also mentions a light green color option spotted as a prototype “similar to the iPad Air”.

Apple Watch 8: what’s inside that counts

The good news is that with such marginal changes on the outside, Apple could focus on serious improvements to the internal components of the Apple Watch 8. Or, as LeaksApplePro puts it: “It will force Apple to include new features. amazing in this next device ”.

Unfortunately, the leaker has no idea what these new features might be at this early stage. But the smart money would be on health sensors, and a lot of them.

In May, SEC documents revealed that Apple was the largest customer of a company called Rockley Photonics, which specializes in sensors for medical equipment, designed to measure a variety of parameters, including lactate, alcohol , body temperature, carbon monoxide, oxygen in the blood, blood pressure and blood sugar. At the time, CEO Andrew Rickman said he expected the company’s technology to be in consumer products in 2022.

While LeaksApplePro thinks 2022 might be too early for the long blood sugar test rumor, it wouldn’t be too surprising if one or more of the other sensors debuted in the Apple Watch 8. And that, along with some any improvements in performance and battery life could be a game-changer.

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