Apple will not have to pay $ 309 million after judge accuses patent troll of abusing system on Fleece tech companies

Apple today claimed victory in an ongoing patent litigation with Personalized Media Communications (PMC), with the judge overseeing the case dismissing the $ 308.5 million verdict Personalized Media Communications won in March, reports Bloomberg.

Apple fell victim to PMC’s plan to milk the tech industry for high royalties on old ideas, U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap said during the verdict. The judge ruled that PMC’s patent for digital rights management is inapplicable because the company delayed its application to the US Patent and Trademark Office in an attempt to get more money.

PMC filed hundreds of patent applications in the 1980s and 1990s, but no patents were granted until 2010. The company took advantage of a loophole that allowed an indefinite application process and then a valid patent 17 years. This was resolved in 1995, but did not apply to the patents used against Apple as they were filed earlier.

PMC delayed receiving its patents until the patent technology had already been adopted, which allowed it to earn more money from technology companies.

PMC’s internal documentation suggested the company thought Apple would be a “natural candidate” to target with delayed patents, along with Intel, IBM and Microsoft.

PMC won a $ 308.5 million verdict against Apple in March after a jury said Apple violated DRM patents with its FairPlay technology used to distribute encrypted content through iTunes, the App Store and Apple Music.

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