Apple’s iPhone 13 is great, but the Pixel 6 can be more exciting

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Apple anticipated iPhone 13 The event is coming and going, showing the company’s 2021 phone line that is printed with specters and lots of incentives. Better screens? Yep. Better cameras? Yep. Longer battery life? For it is. Get a “free” iPhone 13 for trade-in? Sign me up now. Actually not at all, I’m not bit in upgrading my phone every two years, and which carrier does a lot of caveats anyway.

And yes, it has been a great sleeper year for the company in terms of the iPhone 13 lineup, at least. It certainly swells a smaller notch, and you’ve seen the dramatic smoke that you can catch up with Cinematic mode? I adore those features, and I can’t say that I didn’t feel my skin quivering when I actually looked at them. But in addition to the usual additions to things like the processes and features I mentioned above, there has been a large group of features that have remained unchanged, as in overall design especially the dimensions. CNET’s own iPhone 13 review The headline has been carried by the iPhone 12 but it is totally different.

As much as I am looking forward to Apple’s iPhone big reveal each year, I get more excited about what to see this year. It’s Pixel 6″. I’ve been a successful iPhone owner for years, so this sentiment comes in a strange way.


An example of one of the many jokes of Apple’s iPhone 13, which has flooded the internet since the Apple event.


Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro They look a doozy, and seem to represent a huge leap for Google in terms of designs, effects and features. The Pixel results won’t come until 19 OctBut little is left to the imagination as Google plays through strings and a wealth of free faith and rumors. On top of that, before its success, Google set a prototype Pixel 6 in the fresh brick and rubble of New York — and certainly makes a statement.

Pixel 6 design: splashy and bold

Take a look at the Pixel 6 and you’ll see it’s undergone a design transformation and elegance. Gone are the squircle camera bump and the slight color palette of the pixel 5. This design yields a camera bar that has the full width of a blue color tablet with bright metallic highlights.

As a renowned mobile user, Google has previously designed its mobile phone system to take center stage. In the user’s eye, the device is meant to drop into the background, serving as a mere Android vehicle. But since 2021 Google seems to abolish this design philosophy in favor of a more bold, eye-catching look. I think the Pixel 6 tool is visually distinctive, and I think Google Play stands out in a brilliant competitive field for mobile phone this year.


Google typically used Qualcomm’s chips on its mobile, but now its custom-made Tensor processor.

Jon Prosser

Pixel 6 processor: Tensor SoC

But it is more at pixel 6 than meets the eye. Under the hood, Google says the Pixel 6 series will be equipped with a custom built-in chip called Tensor, which CEO Sundar Pichai touts as the Pixel’s biggest modern innovation. It was designed in-house by Google engineers, meaning it was tailor made for Android — much like Apple does with its mobile processors.

Google has kept mum on completing it, and whether Apple has Tensor with the chips remains to be seen, but I think it’s best to stop now that it isn’t relying on Qualcomm chipsets. After years of CNET performance testing and testing, Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor has consistently been executed against Apple’s own silicon GP. Hopefully, it will also be able to extend the number of years of software with that power, allowing you to hold the Pixel 6 Plus for years with security updates. Pixel phones in the past three years have been confirmed, because the iPhone 6S has received substantially less than six years of support, and Samsung now offers four years of support to its Galaxy phones. Either way, this represents another “seismic broken from the past”, as Brian Bennet of CNET put it. Don’t forget the previous year’s Pixel 5 running at mid-speed Snapdragon 765G, which is a notch below Snapdragon 865’s flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 built in to allow Google to get a cover in price.

pixel-5-4a-4-xl-product promo-hoyle-2021-3

Google Pixel 5

Andreas Hoyle/CNET

Pixel 6 software: Android 12

Another thing I’m excited about using. Pixel 6 on the ship Android 12one of the first mobile phones to update your mobile OS with lots of routing and rendering out there. You can do cool things like take scrollable screenshots (at last!), minute-by-minute dashboard privacy and keep the OS looking pleasant. But in addition to that, Google has fallen heavily on AI in the Pixel 6 series, and Google Pixel 6 could become the most AI-centric phone ever made. This could translate into an even more realistic translation of the language, including the already excellent Pixel cameras for computer photography.

After discarding the specs, you may be excited to get a Pixel this year because Apple has crossed that threshold where size is expected, if not guaranteed. Google, meanwhile, is still proving a lot in the smartphone arena. Pixel market share is lower when compared to Apple iPhones. Or perhaps this is because the iPhone and iOS overhaul is already in 2017 with the iPhone X, while the Pixel transformation is long overdue. But now it looks like Google is doing something we’ve been waiting for years. We’re still hanging on to October 19, so you know for sure, but I hope the Google Pixel 6 can be a heavy weight phone than I expected for 2021.

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