Benks launches the perfect holder for Apple’s AirPods Max

Today is a public holiday in the UK, but I thought I would do a little article on this stand specially designed for Apple AirPods Max headphones. The stand has a cool minimalist design that makes it look like it could even have been designed by Apple.

Although Apple launched the AirPods Max some time ago, the unique design of the earbuds has already garnered a lot of attention from third-party accessory makers. One of those companies is Benks and they recently launched a stand specifically designed for Apple’s Airpods Max.

The Benks AirPod Max Headphone Holder is a simple and trendy device featuring some of Apple’s familiar design cues, including a silvery white finish that should fit perfectly into almost any workspace.

Headphone support features a curved surface that perfectly fits the headband of Apple AirPods Max. The surface ensures that the headband is evenly supported to avoid any warping or bumps. The surface of the holder is white silicone soft enough to prevent it from scratching the helmet.

The underside of the stand is finished in frosted silver metal. The angled chrome rod that secures the helmet mount to the base of the mount is secure and mates to the base using a square dowel that prevents the rod from coming loose or twisting. The whole product feels very well done.

While the height of the Benks desktop headset stand and the curvature of the stand pad designed Benn specifically to fit Apple’s Airpods Max, almost any pair of headphones can fit on the stand and this is one way. convenient to store headphones within easy reach. without damaging them.

Price and availability: The Benks Apple AirPod Max headphone stand is now available and costs £ 21.99 / € 24.99 / $ 29.98.

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