Big days apart Flipkart 2021 sales goes Live Plus members are: Best Offers of mobile phones, Other Electronics

Big days apart Flipkart sale is now live in more members. Beginning the night 13 of the month of June last, and all that is sold I will open up to the fourth day of the 16 of June will receive the promises with regard to the sale of the mobile is, laugh, TVs and other electronics. Handpicked and we have something to offer the best deals Flipkart’s Big Only you can grab and during the sale today. Flipkart has teamed up with SBI Card to offer instant 10 percent discount to its credit card users in the sale.

Except in the days of June 2021 Flipkart Big salt, especially the telephone looking to offer one of the best phones in the

11 64GB Apple iPhone (Rs. 49,999)
11 Flipkart is selling the 64GB iPhone at the discounted price of Rs. 49,999 (MRP Rs. 54,900) in 2021 to help Big sale this week. If you are looking to upgrade, and sweeten men Flipkart was further away from the deal can be bundled to the Rs’s offer in exchange. 14,600. 11 6.1-inch iPhone Retina HD features a rear camera setup of the display, and the second is a 12-megapixel camera. A13 is powered by Apple’s Night chip.

Buy at Rs. 49,999 (MRP Rs. 54,900)

Google CV | 4a (Rs. 26,999)
The cause has not missed the last Flipkart sale and then sell it to Google CV | 4a at the discounted price of Rs. 26.999. You can get the smartphone and change old Rs. 14,600 with your purchase. Google CV | It features a 4-inch display, full HD + 5.81 megapixel rear camera and a single-12.2. Powered by Qualcomm’s SoC phlox 730g prosequendosque store 6GB of RAM.

Buy at Rs. 26,999 (MRP Rs. 31,999)

Samsung Galaxy F12 (Rs. 9,999)
If you’re the android smartphone eyeing around Rs. 10,000 price point, the Samsung Galaxy F12 now Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart Big Aside from that sale 2021 for seven days. Price change of offering a package worth an additional point Rs. 9.350, depending on the phone you are changing. Quad-megapixel rear camera comes with a 48 Galaxy F12 setup and 8-megapixel camera. Phone carrots to 850 Exynos SoC and supported by 4GB of RAM.

Buy at Rs. 9,999 (MRP Rs. 12,999)

20 Kingdom NarzÄ (Rs. 9,999)
Another what’s available in the smartphone Rs. But now the kingdom of 10,000 NarzÄ 20 (4GB, 64GB). The smartphone features a large 6.52-inch HD + display and a 48-megapixel rear camera setup with three 8-megapixel camera. Of the 20 NarzÄ G85 is powered by a MediaTek Helio SoC and supported by 4GB of RAM. And offering the greatest moment of change Flipkart discount is Rs. 9.350.

Buy at Rs. 9,999 (MRP Rs. 12,999)

Except in a salt Flipkart Big June days of 2021, to offer the best in electronics

Acer 7 (Rs. 56,990)
7 sharp 15.6-inch gaming laptop is currently selling Rs. 56,990 (MRP Rs. 89,999) on sale in 2021 Flipkart Saving Big. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5 processor 10th Gen, supported by 8GB of RAM. This was the case with the 512GB SSD, which runs 10 Windows Home out of the box. Graphics are handled by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card with 4GB of video RAM.

Buy at Rs. 56,990 (MRP Rs. 89,999)

MSI laptop GF63 15.6 inches (Rs. 49,990)
MSI GF 63 is again available at the discounted price of Rs. 49,990 (MRP Rs. 67,990) on sale in 2021 Flipkart Saving Big. The laptop is powered by a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, supported by 8GB of RAM. This was the case with a traditional 1TB hard drive and runs on Windows 10 And the house outside of the ark of the box. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti Charles Q laptop’s graphics card things being equal, features of the 1650 with a video 4GB RAM.

Buy at Rs 49,990 (MRP Rs. 67,990)

The light people, smart TV 4K UHD 65 inches (Rs. 76,999)
The light of the nations, UHD 65 inches to 4K Ultra HD TV LED Phaedrus Rs. 76,999 (MRP Rs. 1,39,990) on sale in 2021 Flipkart Saving Big. Flipkart is offering an additional Rs. Hence, all the 1,000 credit card debt transactions. Can be bundled and sweeten the deal in exchange to the very far from the death and carry Rs. 11,000. In a TV show will give Virtual IPS 4K features 10 audio technology.

Buy at Rs. 76,999 (MRP Rs. 1,39,990)

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