Bill Bailey showed up for UK entry to Eurovision 2022

Bill Bailey has offered to play the UK’s entry role for Eurovision 2022, after that year’s rep finished without a single point.

The 56-year-old comedian, actor, musician and musician Strictly-winning dancer posted on Twitter today (May 23): “I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring for #Eurovision 2022”.

James Newman’s performance of ‘Embers’ scored zero points across the board last night (May 22) – the fifth time the UK has finished last, and only the second time with a point total, the previous being in 2003 when Jemini sang ‘Baby Cry’.

Bailey had already made the same suggestion to enter Eurovision in 2007, promising to share multiple songs and allow fans to vote on their favorite to perform in the longtime song contest. 2008 instead saw Andy Abraham perform “Even If” as a UK participant.

No points for Britain’s James Newman. CREDIT: Getty

Regarding Newman’s “draws” presentation this year, NME wrote: “The Yorkshireman sings well at night, but is hampered by basic staging: yes his song has effective horn distribution, but does that mean he has to be flanked by a pair? giant trumpets?

“Newman doesn’t deserve to finish the bottom with a draw, but nothing about his performance stands out. If we really want to finish higher next year, we need to improve our visuals as well as our pop hooks. “

Bailey, meanwhile, recently found success in a television entertainment competition after winning Come strictly dance in December of last year, including an impressive performance on Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in the show’s semifinals.

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