Black Friday 2021: Best early storage and SSD deals

Ahead of the Black Friday shopping event, it will officially begin on Friday, November 26, but has been published for most of the week, as well as on Cyber ​​Monday – including many major U.S. retailers already paying for resetting. internal drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs), paper memory for cameras and gaming consoles, USBs flash, and more.

Below, you will find Black Friday morning deals we’ve spotted so far. Our recommendations are regularly updated, so check for the next one.

Return policy

During the holiday season, retailers across the board have expanded their revenue accounts, giving eligible purchases from November 31 to December 31. revenue windows until the end of January 2022. See the individual board return pages for more details.

$60 off

First of all, Black Friday is a very significant $60 discount on the Elements WD and SE portable SSD drive. This 2TB storage drive can hold documents, videos, images, software, and more, and will be useful to anyone who needs more space than their PC.

$5 off

Plus at Amazon, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Pro Plus 128GB microSDXC paper store, along with the adapter, for $29.99. The discount isn’t the biggest offer, but if you need additional space for your camera, mobile phone, or fast gaming console, it is worth the bargaining face.

$15 off

If you’re in the internal storage market, the Samsung Electronics 980 500GB SSD is on hand. The internal drive comes with 5-NAND technology, designed for optimal capability and speed.

$55 off

Plus at Newegg, you can collect an internal Leven SSD 3D NAND TLC SATA III drive for $143.99. This 2.5-inch solution is stored with a capacity of 2TB with sequence read speeds up to 560 MB/s (write speeds up to 530 MB/s).

$225 off

Plus at Best Buy, you can use a $225 save on the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. This 2TB model (USB-C) is slim, compact, and designed so that it can stay rugged and reliable in different environments.

Other deals note

  • Samsung 870 EVO 4TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD, Amazon, $499.99, ($80 off)
  • SanDisk 4TB Extreme Portable SSD, Amazon, $599.99, ($100 off)
  • Crucial P5 Plus 1TB Plu 4.0 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD, up to 6600MB/s, Amazon, $149, ($30.99 off)
  • SanDisk flash drive savings, Amazon, $aligned
  • SanDisk 4TB Extreme Pro Portable SSD – up to 2000MB/s, Amazon, $749.99, ($150 off)
  • Sabrent 2TB Caterpillar NVMe 4.0 Gen4 Plu M.2 Internal SSD, Amazon, $269.99, ($50 off)
  • Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB Plu Internal SSD, Newegg, $44.99 ($18 off)
  • SanDisk Ultra 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Best Buy, $10.99 ($31 off)
  • SanDisk Ultra 1TB Plu Gen 3 x4 NVMe Internal SSD, Best Buy, $89.99 ($140 off)
  • Seagate 4TB Game Drive for Xbox, Best Buy, $14.99 ($20 off)

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