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Roberts-Smith admits to sharing classified documents with former comrade

Former Special Forces Soldier Ben roberts smith admitted to sharing classified footage of a bomb dropped on a compound in Afghanistan with a comrade and witness in his libel lawsuit against Nine, reports AFR Max Mason.

Roberts-Smith faced a series of allegations in court on Thursday regarding collusion with other former Special Air Service soldiers, particularly people 5, 11, 29 and 35, over the evidence provided to the Inspector General of the Australian Defense Forces and in his legal action against the media company (owners of this banner) and three journalists.

The four men, whom Roberts-Smith has admitted to all be close friends of, are expected to testify on behalf of Roberts-Smith in the defamation proceedings.

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BuzzFeed valued at $ 1.5 billion to go public via special merger

BuzzFeed, the news, digital media and lifestyle company, has announced plans to become a publicly traded company through a specialist acquisition company (Spac) that could market the New York company from 15 years to $ 1.5 billion, reports The Guardian’s Edward Helmore.

The company, initially known for its lists and online quizzes, also announced plans to buy Complex Networks, a global youth network that engages with millennials and millennials, from the tech giant. Verizon telephony and publisher. Hearst for $ 300 million.

BuzzFeed has seen a wave of acquisitions over the past year, merging with The HuffPost in November and following a trend towards consolidation of digital media startups.

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ABC publishes Craig McLachlan’s claim from the 1990s

Lawyers for actors Craig mclachlan rejected allegations published by ABC, made by a former TV host who hosted a children’s show in the UK in 1990, reports TV tonight.

At 23 Jeanne Dessous was the face of ITV children’s channel CITV between 1989 and 1991 and claims to have groped from behind during a live moment where McLachlan, 24, was a guest in 1990.

ABC also released a clip provided by ITV.

“I was so shocked, disappointed, angry, raped, devastated, sad and actually physically hurt because his hand and fingers were so strong. I fought to hold back my tears, my body was shaking, convulsing inside She told ABC.

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Former Daryl Somers commercial director launches new lawsuit

Daryl somers‘ex-business boss hit back at TV legend, launches new action against Somers wife Julie, News Corp’s reports Jackie epstein.

Somers filed a subpoena earlier this month to sue Alex mathey for what he called a “defamatory case”.

The old one Hey hey it’s saturday the host and three-time winner of Logie d’or is heading for a showdown in the Supreme Court, seeking a permanent injunction prohibiting Mathey from “posting, republishing or causing to be published or republished” the material.

Mathey, who claims to be unaware of any legal action, alleged in June last year that he was treated “appallingly” by Somers, 69, and his wife Julie as he worked for them as general manager and legal advisor of the group.

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New Brands

Political commentator Niki Savva leaves Australian after Peta Credlin takes over as columnist

Veteran political commentator Niki savva left his column to the Australian after editors told her she had to share a page with the newspaper’s new recruit, Sky News host Peta Credlin, reports Goalkeeper Australia‘s Amanda meade.

Credlin, former chief of staff of Tony abbott, wanted her column to appear on a Thursday so it wouldn’t conflict with her weekend column for News Corp. tabloids.

But Savva’s column, which she’s been writing for 10 years, is published on Thursdays and she didn’t want to move on to another day or appear on the same day.

Savva, a regular at ABC Insiders, chose to walk away because she would feel limited in what she could write about Credlin if they were posted side-by-side, sources said Goalkeeper Australia.

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‘Painful farewell’: Hong Kong people stand in line for hours to buy the final edition of Apple Daily

Across Hong Kong on Thursday morning, the queues stretched for hundreds of yards, winding turn after turn. Beginning before dawn, the city’s crowds of 7.5 million people lined up for hours to purchase the final print edition of the Apple Daily newspaper, forced to close by authorities who accused it of national security offenses, reports The Guardian’s Helene davidson.

Normally selling 80,000 copies a day, they printed a million. Demand was so high that by mid-morning, Hong Kong people were crowdsourcing an online spreadsheet from convenience stores that still had copies to sell.

“Hong Kong people bade painful farewells in the rain:” We support Apple Daily‘”Read the final title of the first page. The half-page photo showed the crowd of supporters who had gathered outside the building the night before, leaving thank-you messages on the entrance gate and greeting the staff gathered at the windows and balconies, shining their torches.

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Murdoch seeks to remove Times editorial independence rules

Rupert murdoch called on the government to abolish legal restrictions which interfered with the editorial independence of time and the Sunday Times which were set up when he first bought the newspapers, reports The Guardian’s Jim waterson.

Right now, the two newspapers are to have largely separate editorial teams, while Murdoch must theoretically respond to a group of independent directors on key editorial questions.

News UK has now called on the government to abolish independent directors, arguing that they are no longer needed and were designed in the pre-internet age.

The company argues that there is no need for legal protections as it would be “economically irrational” for Murdoch to interfere with the editorial position of the Time or the Sunday Times, as this could lead to a drop in sales of its newspapers.

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ABC and 10 to pick up Diana’s 60th birthday titles

ABC and 10 have both purchased new titles on princess diana to be projected in the next fortnight, reports TV tonight.

Their broadcasts mark the 60th anniversary of his birth on July 1, 1961.

ABC chose the British special The real Diane, to be shown at 9:30 p.m. next Tuesday.

60 years after her birth, we are celebrating Diana’s life. A rich tapestry of footage, photos and letters recreates her incredible journey, from the shy teenage childminder in search of her voice as the Princess of Wales.

10 picked up a three-part series Diana’s decades produced by British prodco Spun Gold TV. The series covers the life of Princess Diana as a cultural influencer, from her charity work to her marriage to prince charles.

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“The problem is, I’m not a journalist” – Courtney Act on One Plus One

It was an appearance on Battery earlier this year which led to Courtney Act be invited to lead a series of interviews One plus one, reports TV tonight.

Following in the footsteps of Jane Hutcheon, Barrie Cassidy, Kurt Fearnley and Stan grant, the extraordinary drag queen may not seem like the likely candidate as a host. But that’s just the reason she was chosen.

“Knowing that this was sort of some of the shoes that had hosted the show before me was a little scary at first. But then I was assured that the problem is that I am not a journalist. I’m not Stan Grant, I haven’t done this all my life. From me in particular, they were looking from this non-journalistic approach. So it was really exciting to be given this opportunity, ”she said. TV tonight.

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Sports media

Footy’s Biggest Money Men Revealed

Everyone wants to know who the million dollar AFL men are – and they’re not just players on the pitch, News Corp reports. Jackie epstein.

Media figure and former Richmond star Nathan Brun dove into rare territory when he featured a roster of former soccer stars – in commentary, radio, digital, newspapers and podcasts – and their estimated salaries.

He discovered five million dollar men. By comparison, there were only two million players in the AFL in 2020 (salary cuts due to Covid), up from nine in 2019.

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