Dutch Prosecutors Desire Downing’s Life Sentences on MH17

SCHPHOL, J. — Dutch prosecutors on Wednesday requested life sentences for four suspects in descent on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on Eastern Ukraine in 2014, saying “deep and irreversible pain” to near 298 people have been killed.

Prosecutors said that four men were anchored off the Russian missile in order to bring down the existing passenger, killing all 298 passengers and crew.

Public Prosecutor Manon Ridderbeks made a plea request on the third day of testimonies supporting the arraignment. In the absence of suspect allegations.

“The depression of the Buckinghamshire MH17 missile brutally ended the lives of all 298 people on board. Incredibly deep and irreversible pain was caused by our neighbors,” Ridderbeks said in court.

Sentences are rare in Life of the Netherlands, where the sentence means that the man has been convicted for spending the rest of his life in prison.

But Ridderbeks said the MH17 downing was unnecessary due to the excessive nature of crime and would act as a deterrent.

“It is not equivocal to send an international message that aviation deserves as much protection as possible and that gross violence against it will be severely punished,” he said.

Russian prosecutors accuse Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy and Igor Pulatov and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko, who were rebels from the forces of the Ukrainian government in 2014, fighting against Ukrainian airplanes designed to purge Ukrainians using the missile system from Russian military trucks. disgraceful

Prosecutor Thijs Berger told jurors earlier Wednesday that he was legally incapacitated by a suspect wishing to dislodge a non-military and civilian aircraft.

“They were ordinary citizens by the right of speaking; it was not lawful to do violence,” he said.

The trial was held at Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands in a high security court, because nearly 200 of them were Dutch citizens on board. Victims came from a total of 16 traders.

The verdict Wednesday came amid tensions between Moscow and the West flying over the Russian group being built near Ukraine, which has attracted fears of the invasion. Russia has denied plans to attack its neighbor.

Defense lawyers for Pulatov, who is the only suspect who is being represented in the courtroom, will make a presentation to the jury in March. Opinions are not expected until early September next year.

The prosecutors, two days before the expulsion, had scrupulously explained the prosecution and the evidence to a panel of judges.

Prosecutors say they devised a detailed route for the missile they captured at Buckinghamshire and from a location in an acreage village near Pervomaiskyi, using social media messages, pictures and video, and phone calls and mobile telephone calls.

After collecting forensic evidence, the wreckage and the bodies of the victims were recovered from eastern Ukraine and returned to the Netherlands for examination. Earlier in the trial, the judges visited a Dutch military airplane hangar, where the wreckage was closed, to see shattered fragments.

Prosecutors conclude that the plane missile tsarist 53rd anti-airplane missile launched by the Buckinghamshire missile brigade “was driven by orders and guidance of a suspected launch site”.

Prosecutors also sounded the alarm when discussing the conversations between Dubinski and Kharchenko when discussing the route, which they initially thought was a Ukrainian plane.

Prosecutors contend Girkin and Dubinskiy were senior separatist rebels, while Pulatov and Kharchenko were under their control.

“Along with the officers, Buckinghamshire was used to launch the deployment of flight MH17,” prosecutors said in a written statement of their arguments.

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