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Tokyo, June 28 (Reuters) – SoftBank Group Inc. (9984.) is dexterous in slashing their jobs in the global business and robotics production has stopped and pepper robot according to sources and literature have been reviewed by Reuters, this conglomeration downgrades its energy molded.

Production of a humanoid, pepper, being touted as the first robot “heart” of genital year, according to three of the sources familiar with the documents. This would be very costly to restart the production of, he said, that it is from the two fountains.

Built by Foxconn (2317.TW) in China, Pepper was meant to help plug labor shortages, but struggled to find a global lorem base. Only 27,000 were produced, one of the sources said.

The occlusion is present Chief Executive Masayoshi Son SoftBank plan and fading in the industry as a leader in the robotics in the production of man as if the machines could serve customers Babysit the kids.

In order to be named from the withdrawal of a part of, the staff of SoftBank plans to eliminate 330 positions around its middle and the fountains of the four in France in September, according to the letter, cutting in the business and historical heart of the Gallic goings forth have been from a robotics firm was lying down in SoftBank’s 2012 acquisition Aldebaran.

About half sales staff has already achieved a smaller cut in the United States and Britain, three of the sources said the employees in Japan redeployed robotics business. You can not go that is named, not to speak to the media were all the fountains of the.

In France, the final numbers have not decided to act when the layoffs are ongoing, the spokesperson said SoftBank. Staff are also set off in the UK and the US and redeployed in Japan, the spokesperson said, declining to provide further deals.

SoftBank means to continue into the next-generation of robots investments serve customers and partners, “the French robotics business, said in a statement.

The job cuts were reported in France, first French Le Journal du Net business website. During the more they drink the first television reported.

CULTURE concerns over patent

Robotics and SoftBank launched with high Pepper in 2014, in heart and in the presence of the conglomeration is, the Son of the future, which is a technology-lorem say in good part of the situation was itself built, thronged around, bored.

Behind the scenes, the French culture clashes hurt business management in Tokyo, and the robot’s sales are impacted by development and its limited functionality and vanity, the three sources said.

SoftBank, of placing the robot in the mobile phone sales stores, he was standing with pepper, cleaning products, where they are moved by the robot to the fire, that they Whiz. The French had been sidelined in the day, the three sources said.

The conglomeration is selling the majority of its goods, including dealing with a robotics firm Boston Dynamics as Son focuses vision, which was attacked by the Fund.

About 63 years ago a billionaire who has his fortune by investing in contracts and sell Mobile phone, especially startups, SoftBank, “describes the capital provider for the information revolution.”

SoftBank and nudity leading robotics developer automatizada owning stakes in a robotics firm bite and SB robotics AutoStore warehouse fame Berkshire.

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