Apple Crosstech Wed, 08 Dec 2021 12:28:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Apple Crosstech 32 32 Ming-Chi Kuo’s Releases Latest Predictions for Apple’s 2nd Generation MR Headset, iPhone SE, Apple Watch, and AirPods Wed, 08 Dec 2021 12:06:59 +0000

This morning, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released an important report for customers covering Apple’s second-generation mixed reality headset, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and more.

On Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Regarding mixed reality headsets, Kuo says Apple has already started planning for its second-generation AR / MR headset, and the shipping schedule will likely be in 2:24. Improvements for the second generation include lighter weight, form factor design, battery system and processor over the first generation which will be mass-produced at the end of the 4T22. Kuo added that Apple has a clear long-term plan for the headset products.

Luxshare-ICT will be the supplier of Apple’s second generation AR / MR headset (the first generation is from Pegatron), which stands for 1) Luxshare-
ICT is the sole supplier at least in the initial phase, and 2) the delivery of Apple’s second generation AR / MR headsets will increase significantly.

Kuo believes that Apple’s headset is an MR product that supports both AR and VR bot. This product can seamlessly switch between AR and VR to provide innovative headset experience.

The first generation helmet will likely weigh 300-400g, and we believe the improved weight will be a key selling point for the second generation.

Apple will design a new battery system optimized for headsets in 2024-2026 at the earliest to reduce weight and improve mobility.

We believe that the first generation helmet will remain the focus of new product development in 2022, and second generation helmet product development will accelerate from 2T-3T23.

In general, Luxshare ICT’s strategy in Apple’s supply chain is to only ship products in high volume, therefore We believe that the annual delivery of Apple’s second generation AR / MR headset will reach 10 million units or more.

Kuo’s forecast for Apple’s AR / MR headset shipments is 2.5-3.5 million units in 2023 and 8-10 million units in 2024.

On iPhone SE: We expect Apple to launch a new iPhone SE in 2023 with a screen larger than the 4.7 inches and 4 GB of memory of the 1:22 SE (compared to 3 GB in the 1:22 SE). We expect Luxshare-ICT to be the supplier for the iPhone SE 2023.

On Apple Watch: The new Apple Watch plan at 2:22 am includes delivery of the Apple Watch 8, the new Apple Watch SE and the extreme sports version. Luxshare-ICT will be the supplier of Apple Watch 8 and extreme sports versions.

On AirPods: Kuo expects Apple to launch the AirPods Pro 2 in 4T22, and the main chip could be significantly improved. Luxshare-ICT will be the supplier of this product.

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Apple Music’s Siri plan looks set to come with iOS 15.2 Tue, 07 Dec 2021 23:08:21 +0000

Apple Music’s recently announced voice plan will launch alongside iOS 15.2, according to patch notes the company shared for the candidate version of the update. The changelog was first spotted by MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci. When Apple first announced the Most Affordable Tier at its fall Mac event in October, the company said it would be available “later this fall” in 17 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The plan will offer access to Apple Music’s entire song catalog for $ 5 per month, provided you’re willing to rely on Siri for control. You can play specific tracks and playlists, as well as full albums on your Apple devices. What the level does not offer is access to the Apple Music interface.

We’ve reached out to Apple to confirm their intention to launch the voice plan alongside iOS 15.2. The update will add a handful of other new features, including a toggle that allows iPhone 13 Pro owners to turn on and off the macro mode included in the camera. Based on the release candidate schedule, Apple is expected to release iOS 15.2 soon.

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Internet and phone contracts in Germany are now much easier to cancel Tue, 07 Dec 2021 04:05:04 +0000

Many people in Germany have experienced the frustration of automatically-extended contracts, who do not want to impede them within months, if not years, of planning. Thankfully, the major law has now changed the inflexible contract renovation process of the past.

What’s changed with internet and phone contracts in Germany?

When the German telecommunications improvement came into effect in December 2021. Among other things, the change significantly strengthens the rights of consumers with new contracts online, fixed phone lines and shut down phone calls.

The major change is that customers will no longer be closed on long-term contracts if their original contract has been renewed. Previously, if you cancel within the minimum notice period (which was more than three months), your provider could renew your agreement, without your permission, for another 12 or even 24 months, more often than not.

From now on, whoever does not cancel on time, the contract volume is to be placed in one month, which you can cancel at any time by paying a one month notice.

Long contract to issue

When a one month inspection period is a fixed improvement, it should be noted that it is only valid on renovated contracts. The latest contract will last long – 24 months is standard in Germany. At least you’ll be locked into this for a long time, unless you can find limited stiffness.

After twenty-four months (or no matter your initial long term), this is when the change kicks in. Your phone company can no longer automatically sign in for another 24 months if you don’t have time.

The contract must be agreed in writing

The other change to the films provided by the amendment relates to how the contract is made. In the future, the contract will only be concluded over the phone. After an initial phone interview, your provider is required to send you a summary of the key contract information, including:

  • Service provider’s contact details
  • Description between services
  • Details about any initial setup fees
  • Conditions of Updates
  • termination of notice period

There will then be a need for the contract to be confirmed in writing in order to become legitimately valid. This change is to prevent people from paying attention to things over the phone without really understanding what they are signing up for.

Details of the best tariffs

Another important change is that providers now must enroll their clients at least once a year to inform them if better prospects are available – and if they can influence a new contract. Again this can’t be done only on the phone.

Do all these changes belong to me?

These changes apply to all customers in Germany, whether you’re going to sign a new contract after December 1 or have a contract that is ready for the change.

The only slightly gray area is if your contract is already self-renewed and is included in the new tariff for an additional 12 or 24 months. In this case, it’s a good idea to contact your provider and see if a law change affects your contract.

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When is the next Apple event? iPhone SE 3, new iPads and Macs could be coming soon Mon, 06 Dec 2021 20:18:00 +0000

When will Apple have another launch event? We’ll have to wait and see what the rumors say.

Angela Lang / CNET

Apple presented a large collection of new products in 2021, from IPhone 13 lineup to the Apple watch 7 and improved MacBook Pro Laptops. But as we get closer to the new year, rumors of what the tech giant has in store for 2022 and when the next event will continue to grow.

Bloomberg’s latest Power On newsletter, reported by 9to5Mac, details everything we might see from Apple next year, including a new iPad Pro, a revamped iMac with Apple silicon, an iPhone SE 5G, updated AirPods Pro headphones, upgraded versions of the Mac Mini and three new Apple Watch models, among others. Here’s a full list of Gurman’s forecast for 2022:

Apple’s most recent event was in October, when the company unveiled the AirPod 3 and new MacBook Pro Laptops Powered by Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon chips (consult the CNETs 14 inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro reviews), alongside others HomePod Mini colors, a Voice only package at $ 5 for Apple Music and the release of MacOS Monterey.

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Biggest announcements from the October 2021 Apple event


Ahead of Apple’s October launch event, the company hosted three more events in 2021. The first event was in April, when we saw new IPad Upgrades, colorful iMac, AirTags trackers, a purple iPhone 12 and more. (Here’s everything Apple announced in the spring.) Then, two months later, he held the annual meeting WWDC developer event, when we saw a first look at iOS 15, MacOS Monterey, WatchOS 8 and iPadOS 15.

We then attended a third Apple event in September, when the company unveiled its new IPhone 13 lineup with the Apple watch 7, iPad Mini 6 and Updated entry-level iPad. The iPhone 13 the range reflects that of last year iPhone 12 collection with standard, Mini, Pro and Pro Max versions. The updated iPhone works on iOS 15 and includes some camera upgrades, improved storage, a new A15 Bionic processor and more. (Here’s how you can buy iphone 13 now.)

But when is the next Apple event? Will we see it iPhone SE3 or a more affordable Apple display next year? A faster Mac Mini? Read on for everything we know so far, including what products Apple might unveil. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

When is the next Apple event? We will probably have to wait until next year

Given that Apple’s October event was its fourth launch this year, it’s likely that we won’t see Apple host another event until spring 2022.

Apple typically holds three to four events each year, typically including one event in the spring, a summer developer conference, and one or two other events in the fall. Fall events are often held in September and October and tend to feature new iPhones and Apple Watch upgrades, while the October event typically features new Macs and iPads.

With that story in mind, the next Apple event is slated to take place in Spring 2022, possibly March or April. However, it’s also possible that any products or announcements the company is planning next spring will be announced without the hype of a live event, in which case we’re looking at June for Apple’s annual WWDC.

Apple’s event model changed slightly in 2020 due to production delays during the pandemic. The Apple event last September revealed the Apple watch 6, Apple Watch SE and updated iPad models – but no new iPhone. The company then unveiled the iPhone 12 in October. Last year’s Apple event and subsequent events this year were also live only due to the pandemic. A live broadcast was available as usual on the company’s website.

As the pandemic continues to affect many, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple returns for an in-person event next year or continues to be virtual-only.

Apple Macbook M1 and M1 Pro 14-inch or 16-inch 2021 announcements on October 18

Apple unveiled new MacBook Pro models at its latest event.


New products expected: iPhone SE 3, faster Mac Mini and more

Apple unveiled a series of hardware and software upgrades in 2021, including the AirPod 3, iPhone 13, Apple watch 7, and new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops. But, there is still a few things we are waiting for the tech giant to be announced at its next event. We hope to see the iPhone SE3, a more affordable Apple screen and Faster Mac Mini. We’re also looking for a few long-talked-about devices like an Apple competitor to the Amazon Echo Show smart display, a soundbar with a built-in Apple TV, and possibly an Apple AR / VR headset.

iPhone SE3

Apple introduced its revamped iPhone SE in the spring of 2020, but this year the small iPhone was not presented. According to a research note by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone SE3 Will likely debut in the first half of 2022. Other rumors suggest the new budget iPhone could sport an LCD display, 5G support, a retro design, and Face ID.

If you can’t wait until next year for the new iPhone SE, check out CNET’s review of the 2020 iPhone SE. And Does it still make sense to buy an iPhone SE in 2021?

Apple iPhone SE, pictured above, may receive an update soon.


Mid-range Apple display

Apple may also be working on a more affordable version of its Pro XDR display which was originally released in 2019 for just under $ 5,000 (not including the $ 1,000 booth). Bloomberg reported in January that a cheaper Apple monitor was in “early development. ”

Faster Mini Mac

Apple last year unveiled its Mac Mini with M1 chip. But now that the tech giant has unveiled its M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, when will we see a faster Mac Mini? Gurman previously speculated in August that a new, more powerful Mac Mini could arrive in the “the next months. ”

Updated 27-inch iMac and MacBook Air

Apple has already announced a new iMac powered by the M1 processor, but it was only the smallest 24 inch model. Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on processor updates for the 27-inch iMac.

The MacBook Air could also be upgraded. The 2020 MacBook Air was the first to sport Apple’s M1 chip. Now, Gurman is speculating that the MacBook Air could get a revamp and rumored new M2 chip next year.

New entry-level iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad

According to Gurman, Apple plans to update the iPad Pro with a new design and support for wireless charging. Gurman believes Apple may also upgrade the iPad Air and entry-level iPad in 2022.

iPhone 14

Apple has released its IPhone 13 lineup in September, but the smartphone’s successor, the iPhone 14, is expected to make its debut in the fall of 2022. The iPhone 14 is rumor of finally ditching notched display, and could also house Touch ID under the screen. (Here is all the iPhone 14 rumors we’ve heard so far.)

Apple watch 8

Apple has announced a new version of its popular Apple Watch every year since the original launched in 2014. Gurman predicts that Apple could unbox three new Apple Watch models in 2022 with a new Apple Watch SE, an updated standard version. day (maybe called the Apple watch 8) and a more durable model for extreme sports athletes (and people who want to look like extreme sports athletes).

New devices: competitor Echo Show, soundbar with Apple TV, AR / VR headset and more

We could still see other brand new devices from Apple, if not next year and then in the future. This includes a possible Apple competitor to the Amazon Echo Show which would merge an entry-level iPad with a speaker, a sound bar equipped with an integrated Apple TV similar to Roku’s sound bar, a Apple augmented or virtual reality headset, Apple glasses And one apple car.

If you are looking for more information about the latest news from Apple, you can check out everything that was announced at the last event. You can also check how the IPhone 13 compares to iPhone 12, the main difference between each iPhone 13 model, whether it be it’s still worth buying an iPhone 12 Where iPhone 11, and all about iOS 15.

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Apple in 2022: iPhone 14, new MacBook Air, Apple Watch 8 and more Mon, 06 Dec 2021 19:33:46 +0000

For Apple, 2021 is probably over, at least in terms of new hardware announcements. While the AirPods Max unexpectedly arrived on December 15 of last year, we don’t expect a similar move from Hail Mary this time around, so all eyes are on 2022.

And 2022 could be a huge year for Apple. Not only are we anticipating the usual updates to iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads, but the company is set to take its first steps into a whole new product category with the launch of its AR glasses.