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2021 saw the release of some great headphones, but the Beats Fit Pro may be the perfect package that some people are still looking for, including me. The true wireless headphone market has been evolving at a rapid pace for some time now. Since Apple popularized the niche with AirPods in 2016, every year in a row has become more intense. Headphones are getting better, cheaper and more numerous.

This is quite evident if we look at the past year. Beats launched the Studio Buds for $ 149 in June, offering things like noise cancellation, solid battery life, and good audio quality, while also offering seamless connectivity on iOS. and Android devices. There have also been the Galaxy Buds 2, OnePlus Buds Pro, Pixel Buds A-Series, and AirPods 3. All of them deserve to be recommended for their own reasons. However, this does not mean that there is no more room at the table.


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Enter the Beats Fit Pro. On paper, the Fit Pro sounds like an almost perfect package. They have a sporty design that isn’t too weird, a compact form factor, ANC, long endurance, and all have the same iOS integrations you get with AirPods. The kicker? They cost just $ 199, which is $ 50 less than AirPods Pro and only $ 20 more than AirPods 3. Does the Beats Fit Pro hold up? While there are a few things I would like to change in the eventual successor, the current implementation is so good that I am leaving all those other headphones behind.

Everything I love about Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Fit / comfort is one of the first things you notice with a new pair of headphones. As the name suggests, this is one area where the Fit Pro really holds its own. The Beats Fit Pro form a traditional in-ear seal, just like the AirPods Pro. However, the magic lies in the “snug fit wing tip” on either bud. After putting the earpiece in your ear, you are supposed to twist it back slightly and tuck the wing tip under the top of your ear. It sounds confusing on paper, but it’s honestly pretty natural after the first couple of times. Not to mention that the wing tip itself is very flexible and should fit virtually any shape of ear.

Personally, I found the Beats Fit Pro to be extremely comfortable. They fit in easily, are extremely safe even during intense workouts / races, and cause little to no irritation even after hours of listening. Some reviews have complained that the wing tip causes discomfort after a while, but this is not something that I have personally experienced. The Fit Pro feels great, refuses to fall out of my ears, and it’s about as good as it gets. Another design element that really stands out is the play button on either earbud. Typically, the physical buttons on the ear cups are not good. They’re generally hard to squeeze, dig the earpiece deeper into your ear, and are a bad idea in every way. This is not the case with the Fit Pro. These buttons are incredibly easy to press and do so with a very satisfying click.

Beats Fit Pro alongside an iPhone, showing their iOS integration

Well-designed headphones are worthless if the listening experience is bad. Fortunately, this is another area where the Fit Pro excels. Similar to the Beats Studio Buds, the sound profile here is nice and balanced. Sound is clear, punchy when needed and never sounds distorted or muffled at higher volumes. This is even better when using Spatial Audio. Similar to AirPods, Spatial Audio on the Fit Pro gives supported songs a much wider soundstage. The Fit Pro even supports the new Dynamic Head Tracking mode enabled in Apple Music with iOS 15, allowing audio to react instantly to the way you move your head. The effect may take a bit of getting used to, but with the right song or podcast it gives them a completely different feel that can’t be achieved with any Galaxy Buds or Pixel Buds.

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And it all only gets better when you factor in the active noise cancellation and transparency mode. Overall, I was impressed with both of these things. The ANC on the Fit Pro is among the best for headphones in this form factor. It’s not completely silence everything around you, but whether you need to tone down the roar of a running dishwasher, passing cars or a TV in the background, the Fit Pro handles these things like a champ. . The transparency mode is also very good. Surrounding sounds are natural, and your voice does not have a strange robotic effect when you speak. This is how I listen to the Fit Pro at home, and it hasn’t disappointed me once.

Let’s quickly summarize the rest of the positives. When it comes to battery life, Beats claims the Fit Pro lasts up to 6 hours of continuous listening (with ANC or transparency turned on) and up to 24 hours including the charging case. This was very representative of my own testing, with the Fit Pro typically having a little over 50% battery after three hours of listening. Finally, the included Apple H1 chip performs exactly as you would expect. Using the Beats Fit Pro with an Apple device unlocks a host of special features, including one-touch pairing, automatic device switching, hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ controls, Find My Tracking, and audio sharing with d ‘other AirPods / Beats users.

How the Beats Fit Pro could be better

Beats Fit Pro charging case

While the highlight Beats Fit Pro almost All, there are a few things that could be improved for the second gen – the most important of which is wireless charging. The Beats Fit Pro case charges with a USB-C cable … and that’s it. Qi wireless charging should definitely be a standard feature with such expensive headphones. Some users might not care, but this has been my biggest issue with Fit Pro.

Speaking of cases, it all just seems a bit cheap. It’s made of hard plastic, the lid moves way too much when opened, and the design looks really bland (especially on the Sage Gray model). These things don’t really matter too much in everyday use, but it’s not a case reminiscent of $ 199 headphones.

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Finally, Beats can do a lot better with its water resistance rating. The Fit Pro comes with IPX4 protection that protects it from sweat and light splashes of water. It’s fine in a bubble, but in a world where other headphones have IP57 and IPX7 ratings, Beats has a lot of room to improve.

Should you buy the Beats Fit Pro?

Beats Fit Pro headphones

To be fair, most of these things didn’t really bother me when using the Beats Fit Pro. Minus the lack of wireless charging, the Fit Pro was an outstanding addition to my gadget setup. They connect seamlessly to my Mac mini and iPhone, they sound great and I can depend on them whether I’m at the gym or home office. For my workflow and what I need for wireless headphones, this is basically perfect.

Does that mean everyone should rush out and buy Beats Fit Pro for themselves? It ultimately comes down to each person. For someone who has an Android phone, is on a tighter budget, and / or absolutely needs wireless charging, there are other headphones out there that will probably work better. But for the person who’s invested in the Apple ecosystem, who wants headphones that she can wear for any activity and who has $ 199 to spend, it’s hard to recommend anything other than Beats Fit Pro right now. . If you fall into the niche of people the Fit Pro is marketed to, buy them and don’t look back.

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