HomePod’s latest beta software brings lossless audio support

Apple has released a new beta of HomePod 15 software that appears to support Apple Music lossless audio on both HomePod and HomePod Mini. The new update, marked by 9to5Mac, Now allows HomePod owners of the invite-only AppleSeed program to stream audio in much higher 24-bit quality.

Apple has yet to confirm the news, but those who own version three of the program’s beta software say they can now select “Lossless Audio” in the Home app’s settings (Media> Apple Music> Audio Without loss).

With any luck, the new HomePod 15 software will soon be available to the general public. The firmware is believed to contain a slew of upgrades, although recent versions of beta software have reportedly caused a number of issues, including overheating.

Apple announced that lossless audio would be coming to Apple Music in June, but it quickly became clear that not all Apple devices would be compatible. According to Apple’s support page: “HomePod and HomePod mini currently use AAC to ensure excellent audio quality. Support for lossless technology will be available in a future software update.”

Apple’s support page also confirms that Apple’s AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max do not support lossless. There is no mention of plans to change that either. This is a blow to AirPods Max owners, who have reasonably assumed that their wired connection would allow lossless loss.

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