How to watch the new Monica Lewinsky documentary ’15 Minutes of Chastity’

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Monica Lewinsky returns to the news cycle this year, but claims to be the butt of all the jokes about the story between her and President Clinton. Lewinsky recently co-produced a series of FX writers Prosecution: American Crime Story The thing that followed was created by the cover and the subsequent investigation, and over it, created a new document called touches on their experiences. 15 Minutes of Shame.

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The documentary is on HBO Max on been mentioned October 7he examines the phenomenon of public disgrace in the eyes of those who lived through it, and not those who perpetrate it in the media and beyond. Lewinsky was 22 years old when he had a consensual affair with President Bill Clinton, and has been scrupulously searched in the years after as a joker. She has spoken openly about her PTSD, suffered from the disgraceful dishonesty after her business came to light, and has emerged as an advocate in other similar situations.

Where will 15 Minutes of Shame flow?

You can drop 15 Minutes of Chastity as well as other HBO Max originals, HBO Max. The streaming service is available in the US and the following territories: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northeastern Mariana Islands and the Virgin Islands of the US. The streaming platform can be accessible from desktop browsers, mobile devices, devices, sports consoles, streaming devices and more.

HBO Max is home to thousands of hours of news and classics, from all shows on HBO and its back catalog, to the New Max Originals, and many other titles from Warner Media companies. This way fans will be able to watch all of Studio Ghibli favorites like My neighbor Totoro, to DC Entertainment titles like Squad Squadto kick start the players.

What is 15 Minutes of Shame about?

15 Minutes of Shame It is a document that explores people, both public and private personalities, navigate harassment in the state and on social media. While some versions of public disgrace are increasing progress toward equitable treatment, public clash is more likely to injure individuals. Director Maximilian José puts himself in contact with people who have experienced everything from cyber-bullying to mid-scrutiny and also addresses the way in which social and digital media perpetuates the inexplicable cycle of news that thrives in the human vocation.

Produced by executive executive Monica Lewinsky, the film explores why we as a society love to destroy people, and what happens when public embarrassment goes too far and people’s lives and lives suffer as a result.

How can I sign up for HBO Max?

Back to the stream 15 Minutes of ShameYou can sign up today on HBO Max starting from $9.99/month or $99.99/year for the device with auctions, $14.99/month or $149.99/year for the free version. The $9.99 ad-free plan was launched in June 2021 with four significant differences. The biggest difference is good ads. In addition, subscribers for the $9.99 device also don’t have the ability to capture content on their own devices, with no option to watch films selectively in 4K HD, nor have same-day access to Warner Bros. reminiscence or * wonderful woman 1984 on its theatrical release date.

If you’re a new subscriber, you can sign up at HBO Max’s website. You will then need to use the HBO Max app on the supporting device to start watching it take place. HBO Max is available in Apple products, Roku streaming devices, Amazon Fire devices, Cox Contour 2 and Contour Stream Players, Google Chromecast, AirPlay, Android phones and TV devices, Xbox One and XBOX Series X|S, Xfinity One and Flex; PlayStation 4 and 5, LG TV, select Products, Images WorldBox (available in select locations), Vizio SmartTVs, and Chrome OS, Mac OS or Windows PC.

In addition to a high-profile documentary, HBO Max subscribers can also access the HBO Originals, Studio Ghibli films, Looney Tunes, DC Films, Cartoon Collection, Turner Classic Movies Collection, and more.

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