Internet and phone contracts in Germany are now much easier to cancel

Many people in Germany have experienced the frustration of automatically-extended contracts, who do not want to impede them within months, if not years, of planning. Thankfully, the major law has now changed the inflexible contract renovation process of the past.

What’s changed with internet and phone contracts in Germany?

When the German telecommunications improvement came into effect in December 2021. Among other things, the change significantly strengthens the rights of consumers with new contracts online, fixed phone lines and shut down phone calls.

The major change is that customers will no longer be closed on long-term contracts if their original contract has been renewed. Previously, if you cancel within the minimum notice period (which was more than three months), your provider could renew your agreement, without your permission, for another 12 or even 24 months, more often than not.

From now on, whoever does not cancel on time, the contract volume is to be placed in one month, which you can cancel at any time by paying a one month notice.

Long contract to issue

When a one month inspection period is a fixed improvement, it should be noted that it is only valid on renovated contracts. The latest contract will last long – 24 months is standard in Germany. At least you’ll be locked into this for a long time, unless you can find limited stiffness.

After twenty-four months (or no matter your initial long term), this is when the change kicks in. Your phone company can no longer automatically sign in for another 24 months if you don’t have time.

The contract must be agreed in writing

The other change to the films provided by the amendment relates to how the contract is made. In the future, the contract will only be concluded over the phone. After an initial phone interview, your provider is required to send you a summary of the key contract information, including:

  • Service provider’s contact details
  • Description between services
  • Details about any initial setup fees
  • Conditions of Updates
  • termination of notice period

There will then be a need for the contract to be confirmed in writing in order to become legitimately valid. This change is to prevent people from paying attention to things over the phone without really understanding what they are signing up for.

Details of the best tariffs

Another important change is that providers now must enroll their clients at least once a year to inform them if better prospects are available – and if they can influence a new contract. Again this can’t be done only on the phone.

Do all these changes belong to me?

These changes apply to all customers in Germany, whether you’re going to sign a new contract after December 1 or have a contract that is ready for the change.

The only slightly gray area is if your contract is already self-renewed and is included in the new tariff for an additional 12 or 24 months. In this case, it’s a good idea to contact your provider and see if a law change affects your contract.

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