IPhones and Apple Watches May Receive Car Crash Detection, Report Says

Two years ago, Google’s Pixel 4 line introduced a safety feature in the US, UK, and Australia that detected if the user was in a car accident and automatically called emergency services. , and now a report suggests Apple may follow suit.

From material seen by The Wall Street Journal and “people familiar with the feature,” Apple plans to roll out crash detection to its iPhone and Apple Watch devices in 2022.

We suspect that Apple’s implementation will be roughly the same as the Android version, which works through Google’s Personal Safety app and uses the device’s accelerometer and other sensors to detect if a crash has occurred. has occurred.

The phone will then ask the user if emergency services need to be called and, if there is no response, will automatically dial the appropriate country emergency number and share the GPS position and other information. (such as blood group and organ donor status, if applicable).

It should be noted that some modern cars are already including functionality in this sense with their on-board smart displays and connected services, but making collision detection widely available to smartphone users will bring the safety functionality to many more drivers.

Rumor or reality?

While it’s still rumored territory, there’s no reason to doubt that Apple would be keen to introduce such a feature given the precedent it set using the Apple Watch as its system. medical alert.

This uses sensor and accelerometer capabilities similar to those mentioned above to detect falls from people with mobility issues, then automatically sends SOS alerts to chosen contacts and possibly emergency services. It can also share a user’s exact location via GPS.

With this feature already in place, it wouldn’t be too difficult for the tech giant to introduce car crash detection which works on similar principles, and it would presumably be under the same ability to “join” to appease privacy concerns and misuse of personal data.

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