It looks like the iPhone 11 will be discontinued next September – here’s why

Another year, another new collection of iPhones. With the arrival of the iPhone 13 series, we not only got the latest flagship collection from Apple, but we also saw the price of other iPhones drop and, for some, be discontinued.

Apple finally cut the ax to delete a collection of popular iPhones. That meant the end of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but more interestingly, the iPhone XR.

Launched since 2018, the iPhone XR became one of Apple’s oldest devices by the time it was retired at Apple’s event in September of this year, and its lifespan and end. may well reflect the future of Apple’s popular iPhone 11.

Apple is an end-to-end consistent company, and this consistency can be relied on to predict the lifespan of its smartphones. The iPhone 11 is currently following the exact same route as the iPhone XR before it.

The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019. Since then, Apple has released two new series of devices – the iPhone 12 and 13. After each of these new launches, the iPhone 11 has seen its price drop significantly by Apple.

While it started at £ 729 / $ 699 when it launched, it can now be bought for just £ 489 / $ 499. The same thing happened to the iPhone XR – two launches followed its own with two back-to-back price drops.

However, three years after its release, instead of getting another drop in price, the iPhone XR was discontinued. This makes perfect sense – who needs a three-year-old phone when there are now two new alternative generations to choose from?

As we noted above, the iPhone 11 was released in 2019, which would make Apple’s September event of next year its three-year anniversary and, more logically, the date when it will be interrupted.

iPhone 11 Pro

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Can the iPhone 11 turn the tide?

Of course, we are not fortune tellers who can predict the future. Apple could surprise us and keep the iPhone 11 passed next September. However, that would make it Apple’s oldest device.

Of Apple’s 33 devices to date, many have been in production for three years, but never more. While the iPhone 11 is certainly a popular handset, it would be very surprising if this device reaches 4 years of production.

Should you buy the iPhone 11?

So the key question, should you buy the iPhone 11? In short, yes. It’s Apple’s second cheapest smartphone available, beaten only by the budget iPhone SE.

Realistically, this is actually the best time to buy the device. The iPhone 11 has seen two major price drops from Apple and retailers and carriers are offering really affordable plans on the device.

Black Friday next month will likely be the last time we see the iPhone 11 showcased in a big economy event and while it’s still available after shutdown, prices will likely rise to compete with demand and shortage. of stock.

While it’s no longer Apple’s best device with two new generations available, it retains key features. Its A13 Bionic processor is still more powerful than most chips you’ll find in similarly priced devices and aside from the lack of 5G and Magsafe, it feels pretty similar overall to the iPhone 12 and even 13.

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