Jawbone sues Apple for patent infringement on AirPods noise canceling features

The last time we saw Jawbone in the spotlight was in 2017, when the company finally gave in and decided to go out of business after years of financial crisis. However, it looks like the company has been resurrected, as it recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google and Apple.

Jawbone has started a new legal battle. He is laying charges against Apple and Google over the noise canceling features in their headphones. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the once-successful wearable company took action Tuesday in federal court in Waco, Texas. The lawsuit cites an infringement of some of its patents relating to the limitation of background noise in audio devices, as these were developed in the early years of the company.

“Patents originally owned by bankrupt Silicon Valley darling Jawbone Inc. are at the center of new lawsuits seeking royalties from Google and Apple Inc. of Alphabet Inc. on noise cancellation technology in their headphones, smartphones and smart home devices.
Jawbone Innovations LLC, the current owner of the patents, filed the lawsuits Tuesday in federal court in Waco, Texas, a district that is the most popular in the country for its patent-friendly judge and juries.
“The eight patents in this case relate to ways of limiting background noise in devices, a technology that was developed in Jawbone’s early years, when it was contracted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to research techniques. noise suppression for the US military, according to the claims. “
“Jawbone ended up liquidating its assets, while Fitbit was acquired by Google for $ 2.1 billion earlier this year.”
“Google, Apple and other companies each had an opportunity to purchase the assets of the bankrupt company and were successful, according to the complaints. It is not clear from the lawsuits and filings with the Patent and Trademark Office that is behind the company that now owns the patents. Jawbone Innovations is headquartered in a small office building in Waco with no phone number and the lawyers handling the case were not reachable in the area. immediate.

Asked about the matter, the Google representative said the company would defend itself “vigorously”, while Apple made no comment.

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