Learn more about Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle. Apple’s 12-Minute Micro-Book Library and Airpods Pro Ready for Amazing Deal

Reading is a very healthy habit, but unfortunately not everyone has the time to read books. However, we have a deal for you here that will give you the chance to complete a full book in under 15 minutes. Wccftech is offering a limited time discount offer on the Learn Smart ft Smart Lifetime Subscription Pack. 12 min Micro Book Library & Apple Airpods Pro.

Discover the features of the Smart Lifetime subscription package

The pack is amazing because it gives you the ability to enjoy audiobooks in less than 15 minutes and you can listen to the audio through your new AirPods Pro which is part of the pack. Here are the highlights of what the Learn Smart Lifetime ft. 12 min Micro Book Library & Apple Airpods Pro has in store for you:

12-minute micro-library: Premium subscription for life
Develop your mind in less than 15 minutes! Power through interesting books on hundreds of topics in just 12 minutes each

  • Develop your knowledge despite a busy schedule by reading / listening to micro-books on different topics
  • 2,500 micro-books in total in 24 categories – from personal development to science and technology
  • Select a book you want and the 12min team will synthesize it into a short but complete micro-book
  • Access micro-books as text or audio
  • Supports 3 languages ​​- English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Read anywhere with or without an internet connection

Apple Airpods Pro
Turn off the world with HDR sound! These state-of-the-art headphones offer up to 30 hours of active noise cancellation, powerful bass and Bluetooth 5.0

  • Active noise cancellation. Blocks your surroundings so you can focus on what you’re listening to
  • Transparency mode. Allows you to hear and connect to your surroundings
  • 3 sizes of silicone tips. More customizable fit
  • Customized loudspeaker with high excursion and low distortion. Provides powerful bass
  • Adaptive equalizer. Automatically adjusts music according to your ear shape for a rich and consistent listening experience
  • Force sensor on the rod. It allows easy control of music and calls and toggle between Active Noise Canceling mode and Transparency mode
  • Announce messages with Siri. It gives you the option to ask Siri to read your messages through your AirPods
  • Audio sharing. Allows you to share your audio stream with a friend with 2 sets of AirPods

Original price Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. 12 min Micro Book Library & Apple Airpods Pro: $ 648
Reduced Price Wccftech Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. 12 min Micro Book Library & Apple Airpods Pro: $ 279

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