Mobile games and Sony PlayStation to bring the iconic as early as 2021

We are about a month already registered Sony’s mobile shift among us today, not by anyone other than Jim I found the company confirmed Ryan’s President and CEO. To the investor accounts on Sony’s Jim Ryan said the company’s iconic Q & A session that some of the IPs will be brought to the mobile.

They had established PlayStation IPs may be a good way to complement the mobile AA 5 PlayStation titles are likely to be announced in the coming months. The company’s new corporate war fully described in the meeting today;

Japanese society, and the port has already started some time before the Playstation exclusive titles, such as dawn horizon of us, holy days, and Buffy hunting grounds. More recently, rumor has it Sony plans to bring Uncharted 4 for the PC as well, but the information has not been confirmed yet.During the Q & A session as part of Sony’s arguments that investors Jim Carl elaborate plans to bring the iconic Sony’s PlayStation in the IP mobile (via Daniel AHMAD)

In this way, it does not have nothing to say, my dear friends! If you’re in a mobile gaming, expect some great exclusive PlayStation games can not come in your way, and this year Q1 2022.

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