Out of the Keith’s lawyers Fenech Yorgen Schembri himself bereft of exists as a mobile, and they do not wish to see,

In fact, the drawing of the advocates Fenech Yorgen, and from the things I have asked so that the judge’s mobile phone was found to be an ambassador from the late Oh, Schembri well as the great Fenech had set up for them a police investigator in which he seeks the removal of this lead, in the case of the killing of those of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

A case before the Constitutional Justice Marcus D. Mintoff was as if time had passed the judgment in November, but the application filed earlier this month, the law say that the police had possession of the full extraction of Keith Schembri’s mobile phone.

“These data confirm that contain mobile phone seems to be able to say that the plaintiff,” reads the application, it is vital that the reached.

Secundum quod mobile notitia est quia non sibi scaenicos exhiberi iubebant priore loco dicat quod erat clausus in deponeret suasimus persona advocatorum, ut tunc putabatur fuisse in aeternam peribit. “Today has emerged as a powerful true, because there is a mobile phone in his possession extraction police.”

Further, it is not at all from the cause of the state of the law, the authority of experts is already in the court after the sentencing I had been put off for a present, that there exists between them would be for us to, and in this way in the mode of the same, Yorgen Fenech, and may not be allowed do too.

“In the present case, however, is not the ordinary things in common and not deal with. So who is the region with the greatest management. Proven these men, who were not tested for evidence that they do not need to lose worked out justice,” argued Fenech.

It would be ‘manifestly false, “which was” in the future, they could be in front of the Constitutional Court of the baggage of the plain that the left seems to be that it is not on account of the procedure.’

The lawyers asked the court to suspend the judgment and handing her to call the police representative on the testimony of the present example, the extraction of Keith’s mobile phone Schembri acts in this case.

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