People in these 8 states will be able to use Apple Wallet for driver’s license

Through the Apple Wallet and Apple Pay Section WWDC 2021 device next June, Apple has announced plans to release digital tablet IDs as a driver’s license. The feature will be available on iOS 15, Apple said at the time. The Apple Wallet will also hold digital keys to your hotel room or home, in addition to operating a driver’s license.

Using an iPhone to display driver’s license information is a feature that requires assistance from local authorities. It’s not enough for your iPhone to safely store driver’s information, if you can’t use the feature whenever an identity check is requested. On that note, Apple on Wednesday announced that eight states will support Apple Wallet driver’s licenses. This will be the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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Where Apple Wallet operates as driver’s license

Apple Photos WWDC is similar to that used in this new announcement. Léo makes a lot of sense. The latest iOS 15 version, which can be installed on all iPhones, will be released in mid-September. Apple just had goals filling this iOS 15 release.

Not all United States will support Apple Wallet as a digital ID initially. But the adoption will probably increase beyond the first eight states that have supported the subsidy initiative.

Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah are states where you can add your driver’s license or state ID to your Apple wallet on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Arizona and Georgia first introduced their feature to residents who have iOS 15-ready iPhones. The others will follow.

Separately, the TSA “accommodate select airport security checkpoints and lanes at participating airports so that first-place customers can use their driver’s license or state ID in their wallet.”

How to Add Driver’s License to Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet can safely store credit card information and log data securely in wireless solutions. Apple is attempting to use the same technology to add, store, and exchange digital driver’s license information.

Adding an Apple Wallet driver’s license is the same as adding a credit card to a large extent. But it involves a few extra steps. When adding a driver’s ID or photo accessory to your Apple Wallet, users will be required to use the iPhone’s driver’s license or card ID and take an account of themselves. This will be provided with issuing status for verification.

The setup process also involves using a complete series of facial expressions and head movements. When the ID status verifies, it will be sent to Apple Wallet.

Apple Wallet Driver's License
Scanning driver’s license in Apple Wallet on iPhone. Image source: Apple Inc.

How to display digital ID on iPhone

After this, users will be able to provide identity information directly from the iPhone or Apple Watch. It is like the process of paying for goods using Apple Pay through Apple wallet. You’ll have to tap on the phone to show your state ID or driver’s license to the public authorities or the TSA.

A prompt will appear on your mobile phone to request Face ID or Touch ID authentication. Permitting data transfer, an iPhone or Apple Watch logs this information to a person requesting identification.

The driver’s license feature of Apple’s wallet will work only in places with specialized readers. Data transfer is done by ID and directly “between the artifact and reader identity”, so that users do not need to unlock, display or transmit their device.”

Apple Wallet Driver's License
Apple Wallet driver’s license on iPhone and Apple Watch. Image source: Apple Inc.

If the iPhone is missing, users can track it through My Find. They can also delete the device remotely if needed.

Apple displays mobile ID implementation on iOS 15 and supports ISO 18013-5 mDL (mobile driver license). This is “the standard that Apple played an active role in blocking progress”. The standard sets clear guidelines for protecting the user’s privacy when showing a mobile device’s ID or driver’s license.

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