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When you’re using the same tool and software for quite a long time, you’re negligent in working around the defaults.

One reason to avoid this technological tunnel vision is that I regularly change between Android and iOS for most of my mobile devices. Earlier in 2021 I discovered my iPhone for almost two years (with the iPhone 12 upgrade fairly recent) and it was right for the check-in with the last Android device.

The introduction of the Google Pixel two new phone in mid-October was the perfect excuse to switch back. I ordered my Pixel 6 in Stormy Black (which is decent, it looks gray to me) with 256 GB of storage. After some minor hiccups with shipping (as Google was surprised by the request), I received it on 30th October and have used it on my mobile device ever since.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to the Pixel. With the first Pixel model, I spent weeks navigating Google’s support, finally reaching the upper ranks. Taxpayers getting a full refund for this device after the bug paid off the network butchers individually.

My colleague Jason Perlow had a special negative experience with his Pixel 6, called the “engine support experience from hell.”

With this perspective and my experience with less than a little stars with those older machines, I dutifully doubted this one. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Pixel 6 is well-built and has worked without any developments since the day it was planted.

It was really a pleasure to use it as my first mobile device in at least a year.

I didn’t expect Google to come together with a combination of hardware and software that is arguably better than Apple’s flagship phones. Consider these six examples of lines that work way better on the Pixel 6 than on the iPhone.

USB Type-C *

It’s nearly a quarter of the way through the age of 21, and yet Apple is still sticking with its proprietary lightning bolt technology.

Wait to receive. Apple stays stubbornly with the aging connector on the iPhone, as it has adopted a newer, nicely interoperable USB Type-C connector on every other product in its line. iPad? USB-C. MacBook Pro? USB-C. There are also MagSafe chargers for the Apple Watch and AirPods USB-C.

But not for basketball players.

Anyway, this looks like the Pixel 6 powers up and connects to external devices using a standard USB Type-C connection. That means that when going home, I can bring one charger and one cable for my Pixel 6, iPad Pro, laptop and a pair of headphones – without having to remember a single externally operating one-bolt cable. the notes.

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Great camera and photo edit

I chose the Pixel 6 Pro because it’s smaller than the Pixel 6 Pro because it’s too big. As a result, I didn’t have a larger and more expensive telescope lens on the model. But the Pixel 6 gets quite entertaining photos with a minimum of fussing, even in difficult environments like a concert hall, and it’s especially good in low-light environments.

It’s a true killer in pixel-line images editing software, however, where the Magic Eraser does a great job of removing distracting people or objects from the photo and through the course smoothing. Demos does a great job, but also achieves the job quickly and effectively.

Stunning Android user

Apple finally has resources for content that make the user’s iPhone experience a little less cloying than it used to be. But by using Android 12 on Pixel 6, I can do a few things that Apple simply doesn’t allow. One of the most useful short-cutting tricks is the ability to hang up on your home page. We use this feature all the time to get faster access to OneNote web pages and to watch our Philips Hue routing scenes lit up with a single flash.

Then there is the option to replace the launcher completely. I think Google did the job reasonably with the Pixel Launcher, but after racing the app and giving it a turmoil, I changed to Microsoft’s launcher. They’re better organized, and I prefer the search-based feed (the page that appears on the right) to the Google news feed.

Bedtime Mode

One of my favorite features of the late, Windows Phone era was the lamentable Glance Screen, which had a nighttime red font that displays the current season. In that configuration, I kept my phone to bed and always knew what time it would be if I woke up in the middle of the night.

Bedtime Mode, once a pixel-only feature, is now available on all Android devices. I decided to kick it off while spending the usual hours sleeping on my phone. switches to Don’t Disturb and the grayscale display changes while leaving the clock visible. just the way i like it.

Five years worth of updates

One of Apple’s great advantages over the years has been its absolute control of iOS updates. On the other hand, Android phones aren’t allowed because updates are often at the mercy of carriers who lose interest in keeping their mobile up to date for more than a year or two.

Since Google has brought the Pixel 6 version of Android, it will be in updates until at least October 2024 (three years after the hardware was boarded), with security updates available for at least five years until October 2026. This is a major improvement on previous devices. which promises only three total security updates.

The price is

The Pixel 6 is undoubtedly the flagship phone, but it doesn’t come with a price tag. My phone, with 256 GB of storage, cost $699. That’s $200 less than the similarly configured iPhone 13, and Google has dropped a pair of Pixel Buds (A-Series) as part of the deal.

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