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Global Warning sign on the commodity boom in China Flashes

(Bloomberg) – an officer of this year’s rally advantages of hard – Chinese demand – teetering.Beijing aced a possible pandemic, and the economic recovery is widely way, we will find relief and credit expansion in the construction of the boom in raw materials is sucked through the planet . Already the world’s biggest consumer, China spent $ 150 billion in crude oil, and the iron, and the brass, and the rising of the prices only in the first four months of 2021 is the demand that will arise with more than $ 36 billion, the same as far as the origin and the time of the last year.With the global to the record, highs, Chinese government officials are trying to temper and reduce the price of something that’s speculative froth attract back markets. Let soccer inflating a bubble in the People’s Bank of China also restricted the flow of money into the economy since last year, although gradually, to avoid derailing growth. At the same time, it has been shown the signs which he was given the expense of the infrastructure for projects suggest that China’s economic and believes this is the expansion of the slowing.Economic of April, and the feelings of – household ‘Grossi, like every member of the new faith – for he had already estimated that, perhaps, the helmet, plume, putting me into the rally their courts. The most obvious impact of China’s deleveraging do not fall into those metals, real estate and infrastructure at the cost of spare as a private individual, from the air, and aluminum, as if with steel, and iron, and to the main ingredient. “Credit is a major driver of commodity prices and other price he believes the slope of the peak,” said Li cheer, co-head of mining research at Mysteel base in Shanghai. “That refers to global credit, but a big part of the Chinese faith, especially when it comes to infrastructure and property investment.” And everywhere on the earth trembles under the impact of China’s credit are not crimp, is also a threat to a crop of the rally in global oil prices and China’s markets. The probability of a good supply of money, does not cease to be so as long as so many of the mines, and the eye-popping levels in recent weeks, and to some, like the air, the higher the price of shying away from those who have already talked to consumers. “The slowdown in credit will not have a negative impact on China’s demand for commodities,” said Zhou Hao, a senior emerging markets economist at Commerzbank AG. “So far, and to the inheritance, not infrastructure investments have shown, is obvious even delayed him. Instead, they are less likely to trend in the second half of this year.” A lag between the withdrawal of the it is believed that by instigating them, but directly from the economy and its impact on China’s as raw materials bought the mean does not , however, peaked, that the markets. Tamen eventually lenire velit, ut ad societates ex fidem Arctius conditionibus, id est directionem mercimonia foro de global parsimonia et cardinemque habeat in quantum est in recuperatio inter US et Europa potet continire ad expellam pretium non metus higher.Some visa consilium dis et in expansion facultatem as Beijing’s move to increase the crude oil refining and smelting of copper country industries. Emit enim ad productionem materiae in his provinciis sit opus permanere ad suscipiet etsi tardius ad tarditatem emit pace.One exemplum verisimile est, in quo conflatur aeris, dixit Li scriptor Mysteel. Premium in pretium metallum in portum ex Yangshan iam ledo quattuor annos, in signum humilis aut decrescis demanda et velit esse verisimile cadere huius anni, quae said.At eodem tempore, probabiliter in confirmant et colligunt usque in aeris prices habeat paucos menses ad currere, secundum note from the recent Citigroup Inc., citing the lag between peak and peak demand credit. From about $ 9.850 language now the bank expects copper to reach $ 12,200 by September.It is a dynamic, that’s still playing out in the nonferrous metals markets. “We are still at an early time and space to delay the terms of the money reaching projects,” said Thomas Gutierrez, an analyst Kallanish Commodities Ltd. “to follow with several months punch Reacts tightening of demand. Steel demand is near record highs on the back of economic recovery and remains investments, but it is likely to pull back a little at the end of the year. “for agriculture credit tightening only affect China’s soaring imports crop around the edges, he said: MA Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant will be softened and less cash Co. it is the reason by a kind of monster ‘s in the domestic price to speculation, which on the other hand the proportion of imports in order to reduce the small amount of private firms and the treatment is, and the extension of the trend is clear that China’s state by means of a cover for it implies a -Owned said.The by keeping of giants: giants dwelt’s domestic shortfall of the heights to the nation, to the fill a lot of trade rights of public assistance to meet with the USNO I DisasterMore rascibilis a broader sense, that is, for a brief hour of Beijing’s design of a stiffening of the destruction which is not of a bull. For one thing, that this part of the deleveraging from the authorities are unlikely to accelerate, according to the latest comments about the reality of the State Council, China’s cabinet. “Internal direction temperature department in the region tighten it believes too much – just won them T releases more,” said Harry Jiang, head of research and trading Yonggang resouces, slave trader in Beijing commodity. “We do not worry too much about the credit tightening.” and in any case, raw materials markets are almost completely taken Chinese demand. “in the past, the turning point of industrial metal prices are often coincides with that of China’s credit cycle,” Larry said Hu, chief China economist at Macquarie Group Ltd., “but it will not be as during the fact that the US is moving to China, not just a few, much larger, and very strong demand. “Hu, also insight into China’s leaders, who probably do not want to risk much to his surprise recovery from the sharp swings in policy.” I expect China’s property investment will not stop, but not too much, “he said.” Infrastructure investment has not changed too much in the past few years, and it does this year. “In addition, China has been pumping oxygen into the shaft spending and growth, and confident that there is no property and infrastructure investment to be used, said Bruce Pang, research head of the war and the temperature at the Hong Kong China Renaissance Securities. the disruption to global security that is also a factor that can support pandemic in prices, said.Other plan and order as to cut the iron, the production of in China’s favorite appeared very difficult to arrive at his pledges, of heaven, or boosting the supply of the industry of new products, whether it be domestically or purchased from beyond the sea by the way: and others cut in an embrace factors when it comes to assessing their import and demand their own advantage and prices for, according to analysts. 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