Queensland government loan supports local tourism providers

Treasurer and Minister of Investment The Honorable Cameron Dick

The Palaszczuk government has provided a lifeline for hundreds of local Queensland tourism operators and suppliers.

Treasurer and Minister of Investment Cameron Dick said a conditional loan had been made to Imperium Tourism Holdings through the government’s industry support program.

“Although Queensland’s tourism sector is rebuilding itself, we know the sector faced incredible challenges in 2020 and is again challenged in 2021,” Mr Dick said.

“When COVID-19 emerged and borders were closed, tourists started canceling trips and the tourism industry experienced significant cash flow issues affecting both customers and suppliers who were left behind. aside and awaiting payment.

“This loan has enabled more than 540 payments to Queensland tourism businesses and suppliers based in Queensland.

“These companies provide visitors with experiences throughout the Queensland region, such as tours, activities, day trips, travel and accommodation.

“The loan to Imperium Tourism Holdings was structured using a trust account. This meant that payments were made directly to Queensland tour operators and Queensland-based vendors.

“The terms of the agreement also require Imperium Tourism Holdings to repay the full loan amount plus interest to the Queensland government.”

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