Self android phone app through the Google doors

Self-android is the best way to access your car’s dashboard, which by the phone – This lets you easily access Google Maps, music apps, and not needing information to your phone. But for years now, and Google Android phone offered in the Manual used directly to people who do not have a compatible dashboard unit. More recently, Google is working on an “Assistant driving mode” (pictured above), which came after a few years of delays. For a vote to pass, that, Google the driving mode is finished, which is already in the company and from burning perfume to the experience of an old man in the Android phones running Android Auto 12.

Google shared when used 9to5Google This confirms the plan. Assistant Google driving mode is our second mobile expansion drive experience, “he said reader.” For those who use android auto vehicles in the presses, this experience is not going away. For those who are on the phone to use experience (android app mobile Auto), and transitioned to Google Assistant driving mode. Starting with Android 12, Google driving mode vote will drive the mobile experience built-in. There is still time to do this, we have to share. “

Before the change, Google confirmed that some property CV | Android running 12 received the notice when trying to run a Manual for Mobile Android app. They said not, that Android Auto has already “are not available for the screens of the chariot,” as they try to and driving in a vote for the experience, it is recommended that you to the Google. The use of the new vote, Google is the focus going forward switching over probably the most important thing is a big deal for people. 12 But if I go to upgrade your Android phone, you’ll be able to keep running the app in the Android Auto, at least for the time being.

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