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OK, so see this thread here: iPhone 13 Pro weight (page 3). This morning I embarked on an experiment to see how I would do with the much heavier iPhone 13 Pro compared to my current 2020 SE.

So there’s this thing that’s been going on with the SE since I got it (and being an old man with a bad memory, I don’t remember if that was happening with my 2016 SE, but I think so. ). I text with both hands (see the previous mention of my age), holding the phone to my left and tapping with my right. When texting in my car (only when parked, NEVER EVER while driving), I type my text, then I transfer the phone from my left hand to my right hand and place it in a slot in the Central console.

What happens from time to time is this: when I place the phone in this location, a voice recording message starts! If you’re unfamiliar, go to Messages and tap the icon in the right edge of the text entry field, with no text entered (where the “Send Text” button normally is). This will start a voice recording, which you can then send. Luckily it doesn’t send automatically, I can delete the recording before it goes. But I don’t press the button, it spontaneously activates when I place it on the center console.

I don’t think that’s a bug, per se … I just think there’s something about the physical dynamics of this action that is simulating pressing that button. Something very specific about exactly how I do it. Maybe the tip of one of the fingers of my left hand slides over it when I transfer the hands, maybe? It doesn’t happen all the time.

That is, it didn’t happen all the time. As you will see in the thread linked above, this morning I stuck a coin to the back of my phone case to simulate the heavier weight of the iPhone 13 Pro. I just had a run. I texted my partner when I was parked. AND EVERY TIME I SET THE PHONE DOWN, IT STARTS TO RECORD. EVERYTIME! Since I’m assuming this thing has something to do with the specific physical dynamics of the action, I have to assume that the added weight only improved whatever those physical dynamics were.

This does not happen anywhere else. Maybe that’s because I tend to grab the phone around the top half while transferring (to better drop the bottom edge into the slot). This may be because I put the phone back to an upright position rather than flat on a surface like my desk. If I try to imitate this action elsewhere, it does not happen. Maybe it has to do with any electronics EMF in the dash? Whatever the reason, it’s weird!

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