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Returning to another week of Cupertino news and headlines, this week’s Apple Loop features the latest iPhone 14 design pick, an all-new iPhone SE for 2022, current iMac production, New App Store Millionaires, Seven Years of iOS Updates, Apple Wins the 5G Market Share Race and Your Favorite iPhone Facts.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many, many discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly recap of Android news here on Forbes).

Shock iPhone 14 Design Choice

If there’s one thing Apple hardware has been known for in recent years, it’s the notched screen. Now that the MacBook Pro has followed the iPhone trend, it would be typical for the next generation iPhone to drop the notch for a punch-hole selfie camera. Oh…

In an exclusive report, historically accurate site The Elec revealed that Apple has now entered into a supply chain deal with LG to supply OLED perforated displays for the iPhone 14 lineup. Agreement signals biggest visual change brought to the iPhone lineup since the iPhone X rebooted Apple smartphones in 2017 and hopefully eliminates previous pill-shaped punch hole leaks. Plus, every new iPhone 14 model could benefit of the upgrade. “

(The Elec via Forbes).

Here is the SE, take three

Apple’s next new iPhone won’t be the iPhone 13 family, but the third-generation iPhone SE. Scheduled to launch two years after Apple relaunched the brand, the mid-range smartphone is expected to sit just below the iPhone 12 Mini, and is expected to sell far more than the small main handset:

“… trial production, a step in the supply chain before mass production of the device, is expected to begin soon, according to upstream supply chain sources, suggesting that the launch of the device. new iPhone is approaching. The new iPhone SE is said to be about to be released in the first quarter of 2022, towards the end of March. “

(MyDrivers via MacRumors).

New iMac production could be underway

Apple’s next Mac update to incorporate Apple Silicon appears to be the 27-inch iMac, with reports this week that vendors are now shipping the components needed to assemble the desktop computer; Many are watching to see if Apple is sticking with an LCD display or if the iMac switches to the miniLED style display found on newer MacBook Pro laptops:

Apple is rumored to be planning a new 27-inch iMac with a mini-LED display for release in the first half of 2022. According to display industry analyst Ross Young, who turned out to be a source Reliable from display rumors, the new 27-inch iMac will support ProMotion, allowing a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz for smoother content. “

(Mac Rumors)

This time next year, Rodney, we’ll be millionaires

Sensor Tower’s latest report on the state of the third-party app market suggests that more than 900 publishers are expected to earn more than $ 1 million in net income, and the majority of them through Apple’s App Store.

“The app economy has been lucrative for many developers, allowing virtually anyone to produce an app and make money for it around the world. In a new Sensor Tower report, it looks like there will be 900 more developers to include in the high revenue pool by the end of 2021.

“The report predicts that 906 publishers of mobile applications will earn their first million dollars in net revenue in 2021. The total figure is almost double that of the 475 publishers who earned their first million dollars annually in 2016.”

(Apple Insider).

The old and the daring iPhones still in play

Apple may offer software support through iOS to older handsets for an unspecified but significant number of years, but this support is not without limits. With iOS’s annual update set to hit 16 in 2022, it looks like the time has come to support the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus, taking some updates. day up to seven, although support may still have a few. more years:

“Apple also plans to continue supporting current and previous major versions of iOS with critical security fixes, thereby extending the life of older models. For example, for now, customers can choose to stick with iOS 14 rather than updating to iOS 15. Assuming Apple delivers on its promises, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE customers will continue to receive iOS 15 security updates for several years after the release of iOS 16 in fall 2022.

(iPhoneSoft via 9to5Mac).

Apple at the top of the 5G stack

Strategy Analytics latest report on smartphone sales gives Apple an important victory that will undoubtedly be seen in marketing, Apple’s iPhone wallet has given it the largest market share by company of current 5G handsets:

However, the company says the quarter saw a big move, including how ‘Samsung got ahead’ to become the second-largest Android vendor, after OPPO.

“Samsung has returned to positive territory after three previous quarters of negative sequential growth in shipments,” said Ville Petteri-Ukonaho, associate director of Strategy Analytics. “Samsung enjoys strong demand in several regions for its smartphones, fueled by a large portfolio of devices in several price points. “

(via Apple Insider).

And finally…

A fun thread on the Reddit Apple Forum got many in the community thinking. And it all starts from the simple question “What’s your favorite thing about iPhones that not many people talk about?” Here is one to start:

“Tap the top of the screen to get to the top of the page. So underrated. No matter how far down you’ve scrolled, if you tap the top near the notch, you’re instantly at the top. of the page. It’s been around for a while, but not everyone knows it yet. ”


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