Survey: 10% of customers plan to upgrade to iPhone 13

Less than a week after Apple announced the iPhone 13, a survey showed customers weren’t excited to upgrade to the new iPhone this year.

According to the survey conducted Savings With more than 1,500 iPhone users, only 10% of their clients plan to buy the iPhone 13, while nearly two-thirds (64%) of those investigated said they had no plans to upgrade. More than a quarter (26%) were undecided.

Of those who plan to upgrade, 33% of them have relatively new iPhones, which means less than a year old.

According to reports only, these are the iPhone 13 features people are most excited to see:

  • Satellite connectivity
  • Camera improvements
  • Greater battery capacity

While men and women share similar upgrade plans, the current phone age has had a major impact on iPhone users buying new model devices. Seventy per cent of people who plan to upgrade own mobile phones in two years or less, including one in three who do not have phone calls before one year.

The fact that the biggest post of people who have purchased mobile phone upgrade plans for not more than two years could be tied to the fact that some have bought their own films through their mobile ports rather than purchased them, and the iPhone 13 can be released. at the end of their earlier financing agreement.

According to the survey, with an estimated 116 million iPhone users in the U.S., that can equal sales of nearly 12 million fixed invoices when the iPhone 13 launches and another 30 million if undecided users make the switch.

In July, analyst JPMorgan said it could exceed expectations for potential iPhone 13 sales. Apple is expecting banks to sell 226 million units in its fiscal year by 2022, close to what TrendForce expects, while other investors expect around 150-210 million telecommunication units.

“Inverse pressure on volumes for the iPhone 12 series, historically outperforming in July-September tending to implement AAPL shares may materially achieve a wider market in 2H21,” said JPMorgan.

As of now, we’ll have to wait a little longer until we can find out all about the iPhone 13 coming up next Tuesday in the event “California Streaming”. iPhone 13 has been published for smaller cuts, promotion technology, improved cameras, and satellite connectivities, although it probably won’t launch right now.

Earlier today, some leaky circuits rocked around what to expect from the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3 here.

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