The best logos and rebrands of the week

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good old name change on Creative Bloq. With so many aspects of life and work put on hold over the past year (or nine hundred months, or as long as everything has been going since it all got weird), I wouldn’t be surprised if to many big brand projects had to hit the pause button. . Well, it looks like the rebranding is picking up.

First up, we saw a whole new look for the UK homeless charity Shelter, which is already controversial online. This is often the case with charity branding changes, however – with so much determination and empathy to convey, a new charity logo will never appeal to everyone.

Next, tech retailer Currys revealed a fun new look, featuring a slightly altered logo and a delightful pastel color palette. But maybe the best thing about this one is that the store is no longer called Currys PC World Carphone Warehouse PC Curry Car Housephone (okay, I’m exaggerating) – it’s now just plain old. Curries.

Esports brand Flyquest also gained a new logo – and that’s a huge improvement over the last one.

Elsewhere, we’ve heard exciting new Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, seen a great iPhone SE concept, and more. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Daniel piper
News editor

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