The book seemed like a very cheap – but the club a month costing £ 15 | money

I recently bought a book from the site Integer that the war was not worth £ 12.63 (including free delivery), to make the venture a few pounds, is the largest competitor.

Six It was just something that just felt so diligently a review site please him, and he found out that the membership.

I came to the home page and saw that the product is £ 12.63 was a “member’s price. “In a small pop-up box (which does not appear in a mobile device) claims that For these “members only” and you will immediately be signed by member £ 15 a month.

What do I do now? I have the book you want and do not want to return to the membership begins.
Alpha Omega,
by email, based in Denmark, is not going to last long, if 95% of his customers keep too much information about the “evil” that are currently in use by Trustpilot.

While £ 15-a-month membership fee is not clear, it is that computer users, it is not clear if you are on a mobile phone.

He says, I will return in the book of Page’s small print in the 14 days, users who sent the purchase will not be charged a membership fee.

Buuks why I have asked many of its customers reported feeling unhappy. To chief executive, Rasmus Andersen, says “greater” than that members were not satisfied; and save money. But merely states that have recently launched in the UK and “in the midst of improving and updating the information so that we can not yet clear if it is not a subscription service.”

He adds: “We have a number of packages prevailed until the early months of this developer Trustpilot response is not inconsistent with the terms of the offer.”

License excuse, adding: “lorem service our team responded to a member after three days a little slower than the target is. It could not be that, rather than after 24 hours after receiving the inquiry is due to a very busy time for us to start shortly after target is still we are working diligently to speed up. “

We, however, will not receive the letters one by one the answer. or email to us at Consumer Champions write: Money, the Guardian, 90 in Rome, London N1 9gu. Please include a phone number a day. Under the dominion and all such letters since my first edition is subject to the Terms

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