The protection of orphans and women share Covid Olympics-19 – the urgent need for Risk Management Approach

In late July, around 11.000 (4) athletes and athletes more than 200 support staff he brought in competition for more than 2 weeks of the Tokyo Olympics. After one month, other (5) additional Paralympics athletes and staff to attend to you. According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Tokyo playbooks 2020;1 which is intended to protect the participants and the people in Japan from SARS-Cov-2 infection, Olympic athletes were instructed to supply their face coverings, encouraged (but not required) to be vaccinated against Covid, 19 and undergo testing but when the time came deductible.

The Olympics have left the IOC in March 2020, Tokyo, Japan, with the Covid 865 active cases, 19 cases against the backdrop of the global 385,000 active. It was assumed, that ye be not exercised self-restraint in the 2021 pandemic in widespread at that time, or think to the vaccination. After four months, Japan is an emergency in the state with 70,000 active cases. Globally there are 19 million active cases. The variants, which can be more and more drastic than the original transmissible strain of SARS, 2-Cov are widely circulating. Vaccina they are available in some countries it is, I will not be vaccinated is less than 5% of Japan’s population, the lowest rate in all the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and himself.

And gather it all for Olympic athletes, they brought to Pfizer BioNTech vaccines, but the vaccines that they should not all athletes to accept the authority of a vaccine available before the Olympics out of the 100 countries that do not have become rare. Moreover, some athletes may choose not to be vaccinated because of worries about the effects of vaccination or care about the performance of the behavior of health workers and vulnerable populations of prioritized ahead. Athletes, they are vaccinated with many of the fields of his own, the youth, and he can not be vaccinated, between 17 and 15 years as on the earth, and the children should be vaccinated younger than the minority of cases, and in 15 of the countries. A few such circumstances, as a teenage athletes, among whom the men of the palaestra, good swimmers were carried down by the weight of, the measure as young as 12, may be vaccinated. In the absence of regular testing to become infected participants in the Olympics, and return home with a pose danger in more than 200 countries.

We believe the IOC will and the Olympic Games can not be informed by the best scientific. That the athlete through the participation of the playbooks at their peril, as long as either of them about the way of the crisis of a lack of which is above the mouth of the coverings of the degrees of being screenings of athletes, and to learn to distinguish the torturer. The same applies to the IOC lessons have not heard the voice from the other sporting events. Many US-based professional call, including football (NFL), the National Basketball Association and Women’s National Basketball Association conducted successful seasons, but those protocols and vigor informed by the understanding of airborne transmission of asymptomatic spread, the definition close contact .2 Preventive measures, had to be fitted between the continuous skilled in the review, shut up in one of the hotel rooms for athletes, at least every day, the witness, and the hard way and wearable technology for monitoring the contact of someone who knows the type of contact. Despite the increasingly rigorous protocols, which have caused many of the outbreaks Covid 19-game cancellations. The men in the world handball Championship, held in Egypt in January 2021, shows the limits of the housing until the two men as roommates, while both of the games later tested positive. In February, the Australian Open back-challenged hotel and two local outbreaks exposures. The early May, the Indian Premier League cricket tournament to be suspended for a third week.

The IOC’s playbooks1 there is no doubt is had above in the knowledge of the mainstream, there is no lack of equal factors contribute to the ways of exposure, in the highest degree, and danger, they must all share. Indeed the most serious health and athletic events with low-risk Covid 19 Paralympic athletes, some risks being in a higher category. And also, they who were of the faith of their playbooks do not have enough to be able to protect the thousands of people – say that they can, volunteers, the magistrates, and they were sending, and is willing to the hotel – performs a work of so great a celebration of their victories, the result of it all.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recognized when important role inhalation or infectious particle-in-present-2-Cov-person spread of SARS.3.4 Nevertheless, we should make preparations for their task and when the danger of identifying the most important things and places in which the highest clinical jobs. When it comes to aerosol inhalation, the most important features of any intention to be infectious in the air, and the role of the time length of time spent in contact with the particles. Concentration of particles is dependent upon the number of people infected with the type of activity (ie, the degree to which generates aerosols), how much time that they spend most of the infected people, and the degree of ventilation. For a long time, according to the commandment of God in the physical particles of matter to such a deals with the function of the remote is made less than the enclosed spaces of the customers.

We believe that the IOC will fit in to a low-playbooks and guidance of those things which can be referred, relying on, and the power, and the great danger, and the industry of categories we have mentioned are distinguished. Nature wants to be desired as a sailor on separate shafts Equestrian seem low risk. Many other outdoor sports that close contact is unavoidable, such as rugby, hockey (field hockey), and football (soccer), could be considered moderate risk. Which are held in indoor sports venues and require close contact, such as boxing, wrestling, there are probably high risk. Nor is it his home, on the game is done under the sun: and behold – though, for the athletes to compete, one by one, just as they do in the gymnastics – is sure to be a pose a greater danger when He Wills. The keeping of the protocols at the other end, all the athletes safe and can be varied to an out of these involves the risk of the level.

Playbooks venue is critical to address, among noncompetition spaces. The less the spaces is closed, many athletes will be gathered together, too, and furlongs, rather than wanting to professionals and the cafeterias are the places of higher risk for investors. Hotels nearest to the top of the light of the danger of going to the places of common rooms (the place will be the athletes during the three signs) at a banquet, the Premier of communal spaces, which constitute a sufficient basis for the ventilation of the area.

19, can be for people with Covid infectious 48 hours before symptoms (do not develop symptoms of the universe), and the temperature signal will not be effective routine screening of asymptomatic or presymptomatic identifying people. Polymerase-chain-reaction testing, at least once (twice) per day as the NFL Experience shows that practice.2 Contends in the games, he is one the things which the advice of the IOC to provide for the smartphone, reporting the apps a lot of contact, the type of salvation. Contacts, repeatedly apps are just the face of it, still few and very Olympics athletes will compete carrying a mobile phone. Being near the sensors and wearable devices that suggests more effective than apps.

The best athlete Commentarium Criticum comparison to Protect Public Health Plan’s Current IOC.

I recommend that the occupational safety and health experts agree emergency plan includes evacuation of the building itself and infectious disease, like an athlete ambassadors factors to consider and advise on risk management access to Tokyo Olympics (see table). There is no precedent for holding within such an approach; It stated that, according to WHO, having called together an emergency committee to provide leadership in the international concern for the Olympic games, and the Paralympic Games in Brazil in the 2016 from the Exposition of Zika, a man of Public Health.5

Confidence shall break in sunder, the security of the salvation of the war between the A global meaning to his life on earth. If our experience, 19 against Covid represents a moment of truth, and also provides the only opportunity for people to know people and collective interests of those human values ​​- new contract world – the threats of the future and is preparing to disaster. In less than 2 months, the Olympic torch is lit, about canceling the safest option agreement Games. But at all events at the Olympic Games, who was able to join one of a few which aid us in the time of the global disconnect. The Olympic spirit and the war is in potentiality to them never before has been to mobilize. I want to acknowledge the light of the commitment to connect that part us about the value of things. We connect safely, urgent we believe that such action is necessary for the Olympic Games to proceed.

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