Virgin O2, and failure to publicly – here’s everything you need to know about this new partnership

Virgin Media will merge with publicly C2 proves watchdog investigation.

A provisional clearance terminates the merger are often given month, but now officially been given the green light by competition and the groups Authority (CMA).

Virgin and Media C2 sell wholesale services to a number of mobile operators in the UK.

Provides the supplies and let it out to the network, it is safe to O2 mobile parts of the strongholds of the daughter of the workers do not have a mobile.

In which it was the beginning of a CMA with the king, after the merger, to reduce the price or the quality of the C2 does not change because this is a virgin, and the duties of wholesale.

If this could not be done in the mobile, to look after the quality of the price of the lower of the troop increase, or been compelled to give a negative impact of consumers.

Was referred to the merger of the group are members of the ACM panel of independent research in-depth part 2.

A Group has a substantial lead to the diminution of this kind may be concluded that there is much of the truth of the competition is like.

How will the new partnership C2 affect customers or Virgin Media!

Virgin provides leased lines at the wholesale mobile telecommunications companies, such as Vodafone and Three, which make use of their key role to connect to the network.

In the same way, O2, Sky, and I have given of the movable operators that Lycamobile, which do not have their own mobile network, to use the O2 mobile phone to provide network services to their customers.

  • I want to go faster broadband

The sky is not only enjoy 1,000Mbps speeds, up to now have been reserved for Virgin Media customers only.

  • Customers do not have much choice of broadband providers

Virgin media to connect 15 million homes on track by the end of this year with the promise of new media firm C2 general-virgin superfast broadband connection to the outside of one million.

These new connections will be correct when competition Openreach (BT) (CMA, which says that healthy competition) who 4.5million premises with its next generation of ultra-broadband fiber can.

There is a broadband packages will no longer be available for other companies such as Virgin Media.

  • Media virgin 5G available to customers C2

Customers who were able to 5G in the presence of you were no longer have access to them.

According to their own network of Vodafone Virgin Media have made a covenant with the 5g, so that their customers do not miss out on. C2 new customers now have access to even a merger.

  • I am better deals and contracts available on the phone

Virgin Media wanted to test the existing broadband and rival mainstream TV customers for other offices, so this is no longer deals with non-sim or planning to move their customers pay monthly contract phone-in-house.

Customers who decided to be a way of contracts, it is the phone, watching it on television, on three different societies, and with a broadband provider if it is in one place, can not save one’s money to do it, – as we read in a little more simple in the direction of a debtor and creditor, as is stated in your monthly.

Martin Coleman, a CMA Online Chair questions, he said, “to celebrate the Virgin, O2 film making and film services from other companies that serve millions of consumers.

“There is a great deal of this merger will not leave people worse off. That’s why we conducted in-depth investigation.

“After looking closely at the deal, reassured that we have strong competition among providers and mobile communications is therefore likely to remain merger to lead to higher quality services it would be less.”

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