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Vodafone UK to re-introduce charges for customers who use their phones in Europe, despite the biggest mobile companies in Britain to be saying that it costs about Brexi behind wanders the wards.

Vodafone said that it wants and upgrading will pay up to £ 2 a day for a monthly allowance of information, calls and keep it on the continent of Europe.

The crowd following steps B. owner is similar to E after the announcement has come into force on June objects.

“Any unauthorized and peck around the reintroduction of charges means that consumers use fee paying the price has already been given, and small,” said Antony Doku and standing in a mobile Uswitch.com. “As soon as it’s for the consumer, because the risk of roaming the additional cost can also be a distant memory for residents in the UK. Always use the hotel and cafe Wi-Fi, with a holiday where possible.”

C2 has an outside imposed is said to be her “fair use” if he wants to use the case more than a month for 25GB of data. Three has a beautiful were cut out of the use of information limit to 20GB and 12GB, month after month in Europe, where in the case £ 3 gigabyte outside of it, if necessary, as more data.

Since 2017, the mobile networks in EU countries outside it banned charging member to their phones in other countries.

She wanders around in different wards of the charges scrapping laws were introduced in the market many cases of so-called “bill shock”, which returned home from foreign holiday makers are to be presented away from Laoreet thousands of pounds to use their phones while abroad.

However, a lot of trade between the UK and Europe Brexi user signed in December does not include the continued protection of the roaming charges. In January, the UK’s biggest operators – 9, O2, Three and Vodafone – they all said nothing wrong plans endeavored to charge even if it could.

The trade deal will encourage states on both the mobile operators have “transparent and reasonable rates” when it comes to roaming.

They have said, the face of that which is in my Vodafone with new customers all the campaigns range and upgrading of August 11, was but just commencing from January to march into Europe. The affected customers can use the pay day from liability in Europe, £ 2 or £ 1 if you buy either a 15-week bundle. E £ 2 a day’s charges stand at 47 places in Europe, beginning in January.

“There will be impacted by these changes in the forth is the price to stay in the current plan,” said a spokesman for Vodafone. ‘Transients in the Republic of Ireland will also be included for all customers. “

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