Why Apple’s iPhone 13 mini is the best little phone you can buy

Apple appears to be the only flagship phone maker interested in making smaller phones, and the iPhone 13 mini is the best available.

The iPhone 13 mini isn’t just Apple’s smallest smartphone. It’s one of the smallest in the industry and the best small phone on the market. While Android phones seem to be growing every year, Apple is the only manufacturer to have designed a flagship that is easy to manage with smaller hands and fit into short pockets.

Apple’s first iPhone was only 4.5 inches by 2.4 inches, but was almost half an inch thick and had a 3.5-inch screen. The size of Android phones immediately began to increase, but Apple kept the same display size for several years before switching to a four-inch screen on its iPhone 5. Apple must have felt the pressure in 2014, when it did. launched two sizes, an iPhone. 6 and 6-Plus, both larger, with the larger phone being over three inches wide and over six inches long to provide a 5.5-inch screen. In 2017, Apple introduced the Face ID notch with the iPhone X, enabling a large screen in a more compact form. However, a small phone only arrived in 2019 with the second-generation iPhone SE at a low price.

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Apple’s iPhone 13 mini is the best small phone on the market and is a relief for anyone with short pockets or small hands. Everyone will love being able to safely store the iPhone 13 mini, while teens and smaller adults will love being able to use the phone with one hand. The second-generation iPhone SE was small, but the iPhone 13 mini is even smaller. Since it doesn’t have a home button and exposes more of the screen using the notch, it measures 5.2 inches by 2.5 inches and is less than a third of an inch. thick. Despite its small size, the screen is relatively large at 5.4 inches. It has all the same features as the larger iPhone 13, including an A15 chip, dual rear cameras with increased brightness and durability of Ceramic Shield with an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. Apple’s iPhone 13 mini is a true flagship phone.

Why are there no small Android flagships?

This same technique would be easy to achieve for a number of flagship Android phone makers, but it isn’t. The iPhone SE was the best small phone in 2019, and the iPhone 12 mini was the best in 2020. For comparison, one of the smaller premium Android phones is the Google Pixel 5 of 2020, which is a half inch longer and a quarter of an inch wider than the iPhone 13 mini. But, of course, Google got bigger this year, and the Pixel 6 is an inch longer than Apple’s smaller phone.

Admittedly, the demand for small phones isn’t as great, and most people seem willing to sacrifice a bit of convenience for a bigger screen. It’s the window to the Internet, for chatting with friends and taking pictures. So naturally, as big as possible is fine. Samsung and Motorola take a different approach, creating a phone that folds in half. While this makes it twice as thick, it’s usually not a problem unless you’re wearing skinny jeans. The Razr 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 3 could solve the pocket problem. However, they are still much wider and longer when unfolded. This means that the iPhone 13 mini is still the best little phone around.

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