Will the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini succeed this time around?

By all reports, Apple is giving its 5.4-inch iPhone mini a final boost this year as part of the “iPhone 13” lineup, and there’s every reason to believe that will be the year ahead. make or break the smaller 5.4 inch iPhone.

For years, there seemed to be a great demand for a smaller iPhone. The 2016 iPhone SE sold like hotcakes due to its classic iPhone 5 design, and many were disappointed that this didn’t continue with the 2020 iPhone SE, which instead adopted the more design. large of the iPhone 8.

However, last year’s release of Apple’s small 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini suddenly made us wonder if this so-called demand was little more than a pipe dream – a vocal minority of iPhone users. which stuck after the majority accepted bigger iPhones as the standard.

The reality of the iPhone 12 mini is that it has become a rare dud for Apple’s iPhone lineup. Never since the colorful plastic iPhone 5c has had such a flop. It was the least popular iPhone launch week in years, and as of January, it had still barely captured 6% of overall iPhone sales.

In fact, while all other iPhones dominated holiday sales, including the older iPhone 11 and iPhone XR models, the iPhone 12 mini didn’t even hit the top ten.

This led to speculation that Apple would roll back the iPhone mini completely. While there may be some truth to this, this year’s “iPhone 13” family will follow the same four-model lineup as the iPhone 12, meaning we’ll see an “iPhone 13 mini” from 5. , 4 inch launched this month.

A last chance

We may never know if the 5.4-inch iPhone mini will live this year because it was already on Apple’s production roadmap, or if Apple just wants to give the old college a try before it goes. ditching a smaller iPhone altogether, but either way, this year will prove whether last year’s release was just bad timing, or whether the world has really moved on from its desire for small iPhones.

After all, the 2016 iPhone SE landed at a time when Apple had only recently moved to a larger 4.7-inch model as a standard size, leaving many users overwhelmed by the less pocket-sized model. However, many also felt that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 was long overdue, even in 2014.

By 2020, however, the iPhone market had effectively been split into die-hard smaller iPhone fans who were still attached to the older 4-inch iPhone SE and those who decided it was more important to do. compromise and get a bigger iPhone to take advantage of it. four generations of improvements in both performance and functionality.

So it’s entirely possible that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini is just too small, too late – a throwback to a generation that had already moved on.

Why the iPhone 12 mini Flop?

That said, we cannot entirely rule out several other factors which may have led to a lower use of the device, most of which are due to bad timing.

  1. Even though Apple announced all four iPhone 12 models at the same time, the iPhone 12 mini arrived three weeks after its 6.1-inch counterpart. Early adopters didn’t have the option to do side-by-side comparisons, and many other casual iPhone buyers probably weren’t even aware that a smaller model was coming.
  2. The iPhone 12 mini has also arrived in the shadow of the 2020 iPhone SE. Fans of the 2016 iPhone SE who hoped for a smaller form factor in its successor may have thrown in the towel and either taken the plunge. new iPhone SE, either even opted for an iPhone 11 or an iPhone XR long before the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini was announced.
  3. Most iPhone users are on two-year upgrade cycles due to carrier contracts, meaning anyone who bought the iPhone 11 in 2019 would not have been eligible to upgrade to one. iPhone 12 model in 2020.

In addition to the points above, there’s also the fact that the iPhone 12 mini naturally had lower battery life than its 6.1-inch counterpart, which may have scared you. some users away from the smaller model, even after the entire lineup was readily available. Not to mention that the mini model lacks the telephoto camera of the iPhone 12 Pro as well as a LiDAR scanner.

Either way, most of those points won’t apply to the “iPhone 13 mini” this time around. Most people know the smaller 5.4-inch iPhone is out there now, and they’ve had a chance to check it out in a store and compare it with the rest of the lineup.

Additionally, if Apple can improve battery life on this year’s 5.4in iPhone model, that will remove an additional hurdle in choosing the smaller iPhone.

Sadly, much to the disappointment of the six percent of iPhone customers who hung on to the iPhone 12 mini last year, there’s a good chance the 5.4-inch iPhone mini will be at bedtime soon. out of the sun, leaving no direct upgrade path in 2022. With one last chance for the smaller iPhone to turn things around, it’s entirely possible that Apple could give in and release an “iPhone 14 mini”. next year after all if this year’s 5.4-inch model turns out to be a success.

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